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It's not often the Wii manages to supply the best game of the week. But this week it does, thanks to Nintendo and Capcom.

Monster Hunter Tri ain't for everyone though. It looks like a hack and slash game, but its combat system is more measured and tactical than it first appears, much closer to Demon's Souls, for example, than something like God of War.

It's also an action-RPG that expects you to be okay with grinding. To overcome the larger "boss" monsters, you'll need to revisit areas to repeatedly kill lesser creatures and collect materials to craft better weapons.

On both counts you'll require patience and a certain degree of tenacity.

If you do pick it up - and I suggest that you do - you'll also want some friends to do so as well. You see, Monster Hunter is designed for online co-operative play; the weapon classes each have obvious strengths and weaknesses, meaning a diverse party of four sets you up for properly taking advantage of each character's unique abilities.

Are you going monster hunting this week or will you be tackling a different foe?

New releases for the w/c April 27:

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa (360, PS3, PSP, Wii) What Is It? EA's standard World Cup tie-in built on the solid foundation of last year's FIFA. Should You Care? This is surely the perfect companion to those late night World Cup parties football fans will be hosting in just a few weeks.

God of War Collection (PS3) What Is It? Gods of War 1 and 2 given a graphical spit and polish and bundled on one disc. Should You Care? If God of War III was your introduction to Kratos, you'll want to grab this to complete the set.

Iron Man 2 (360, PS3, Wii, DS) What Is It? The inevitable game of the upcoming superhero action flick. Should You Care? Keep an eye out later today for details on how to win a copy...

Monster Hunter Tri (Wii) What Is It? Grind-heavy RPG with a strong focus on combat, crafting and co-op. Should You Care? Finally, a use for that WiiSpeak unit you had packed away in the attic.

Splinter Cell: Conviction (PC) What Is It? PC version of the fortnight-old stealth-actioner that is more action than stealth. Should You Care? A must-buy if you're into multiplayer gaming that tries something a bit different.

Super Street Fighter IV (360, PS3) What Is It? Update of last year's Capcom brawler, but with a tweaked roster and extra game modes. Should You Care? If you still play Streeties online, you're gonna have to upgrade. If you don't own IV at all, this is the only place to start.

Next week's release cupboard looks bare, so there's no point saving your money an extra seven days.


    theres nothing good for a month

    I've got Monster Hunter Tri on order from the Game online store. I've never pre-ordered a game online before, so I'm really hoping it gets here before the weekend.

      GAME ship express. You won't have a problem as long as they send it out on or before Thursday.

        Excellent news! I was hoping that would be the case.

    I am pretty sure more than a few fighting fans will disagree on best game to come out this week but would agree it is from capcom.

    I wonder whatever happened to Capcom's comment "we'll do something for those who bought SFIV" when they announced SSFIV?

      We get the 'bonus' colours 11 and 12. One of which was already in SFIV PC.

        And it's still possible to unlock them even if you don't have SFIV. :P

    @Mr Wildgoose - Monster Hunter better than SSFIV? You must be mistaken, yes?

    @Mr Clement - Owners of SFIV with a save file on their PS3/360 will have access to two different graphics filters. So to summarize - not much.

      You clearly have not played Monster Hunter before.

    Iron Man 2: should you care? details on the competition will be announced later today.

    Sorry Dave, should we care about the game?
    Is the game worth entering the competition for?

      I have not played it so can offer no advice at all!

      It's a comp to win a free game, of course it worth entering!

      I would attempt to enter all the comps I could, if I had more time to do so...

      Kinda related, so many ads for Iron Man 2 at the movies recently, can't wait to see that.

    On the subject of SSFIV, everyone seen the Daigo vs Justin matches on YouTube playing the new game? They were playing another Best of Five series...

    It went down to the wire... and well, won't completely spoil the ending, but you couldn't have scripted it better!

    GoW:Collection and MH:T for me this week :)

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