The World's Fastest Robot Takes On The Nintendo Wii (And Humanity)

This is neither an episode of Astro Boy, nor is it a sequel to Robot Jox; instead, it is a real event, where the world's fastest robot went up against a Nintendo Wii Remote.

The Quattro, a sorting arm developed by Adept, was recently crowned "World's Fastest Robot". It's used to, well, sort things. And it is fast.

But is a Wii Remote faster? Or a human being? An event held during National Robotics week sought to put that to the test, pitting fleshbags - holding a Wii Remote - against the Quattro, as people were asked to try and move a small platform (using the controller) faster than the robot could manage.

So, who won? Find out in the video above.

World's Fastest Robot Versus The Wiimote (video) [Singularity Hub, via Slashdot]


    When Skynet finally comes online, we're well and truly boned. That is all.

      Except in the bedroom. They're too fast.

      *ba dum pish*

    That's one fast-ass robot. Of course, the human was forced to use a machine, which was slower then he was, so it wasn't really a fair match-up :D

    The robot is pretty damn quick, and quite cool. However the wii-mote really didn't move the platform very quickly, and the areas the robot had to hit were quite large.

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