The Xbox 360 Memory Card Battles Continues

Former Xbox 360 third-party memory card manufacturer Datel is free to pursue its antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft, as a federal judge dismisses the console maker's attempts to have the case thrown out.

Datel, the UK manufacturer of various video game accessories, filed the suit last November, after a crackdown by Microsoft rendered the third-party memory units produced by the company useless. The company argues that Microsoft violates US antitrust laws by forcing customers to rely on first-party accessories.

Microsoft immediately went on the defence, filing a series of motions to have the court case thrown out.

Federal judge Elizabeth Laporte dismissed three of the four motions Microsoft filed on Friday, requesting that Datel amend its claim that Microsoft was monopolising the Xbox Live Market.

So now the court case continues, as does Microsoft's recent suit against Datel, claiming the company's third-party controllers infringed on Xbox 360 controller trademarks, a suit that quite frankly reeks of retribution.

Court OK's Datel antitrust case against Microsoft [GameSpot]


    Sometimes it is good to own a console that has a lot of third-party accessories. They are most usually cheaper and can save a lot of consumers money.

    On the other hand, they are most usually crap! They don't last as long and are just cheap, depending on the accessory.

    Now the 360 doesn't have the greatest accessories, their controllers are either a hit or miss with probably a 50/50 chance of one surviving more than 12 months. If it does, its usually by always having it connected to a Play & Charge. I'm not 100% with MS for the path they have taken with the 360, mainly cause of the price they slug the consumers, but i can understand a lot, WHY they prevent alot of rubbish third-party accessories.

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