The Yellow Brick Road Will Be Paved With Zombie Blood

Left 4 Dead meets the Wizard of Oz, as seen at the "Character of the Week" contest at the forums via Super Punch.


    I would definitely love to see this made.

    The lion doesn't look like his lacking any courage thou.

      He doesn't need courage, he has a Gun!
      (+1 interwebs for the person who knows the reference)


        and that should be +1 pop culture

        Personally i love dark re-imaginings of childhood tastiness. I would love to play this... hell i'd love for it to be a movie

        "There's no place like... I wanna be a witch!"

        Good point.

      I don't think anyone would be to cowardly holding an AK-47.

      Seems he has a really nice jacket instead!

    Perhaps the lion should be holding a sniper rifle instead.

    Why, oh why can't this be real?

    And Munchkin Zombies?

    There could be different levels, each with a goal:

    Munchkintown: Find the Heart shaped key; enter safe room (like gatehouse between Munchkintown and the road)

    Yellow Brick Road (paddocks AND scary forest): Fight from the farm paddocks through to the scary forest and escape into the guards quarters in the Witches Castle

    Wicked Witch's Castle: Fight your way to the top, Kill the Witch (activate a crescendo to get to her), escape to gatehouse in back of castle

    Field of daisies until the Emerald City: Open gatehouse (start crescendo by doing so), and sprint your way to the end (alternatively, make it like the swamp in Deep Rain)

    Emerald City: Get into the air balloon after filling it with gas

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