There Are No Blue Shells In Starcraft Kart

Starcraft II isn't just about strategy! It's also about... kart racing.

Everdraed, a participant in the game's beta, built this map and game mode to put a little more Mario Kart into proceedings, going so far as to have in-race items and "sweet arse go-kart" units.

Blizzard's Starcraft II - normally a real-time strategy game - is currently in beta, and will be out later this year for the PC and Mac.

[thanks Robert!]


    it's going to be really interesting to see what else the community can come up with using the new SC2 map editor.

    not unique, this mode was added to warcraft 3 with an official patch years ago

    I love the Thor. Hahaha. Just slowly strolling across. "Almost there...huff...huff...almost."

    Rock and roll racing - port it to this engine! someone make it happen!

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