There's Far Too Much Crotch In This ModNation Racers Ad

Remember your old gym teacher, with the pedo moustache and the too-tight shorts, who'd always prop up one leg on things, giving you an uncomfortably good view of his crotch? PlayStation spokesman Kevin Butler will never forget.

When Sony first launched the Kevin Butler-fuelled ads for the PlayStation 3 and its games, I thought I'd never see enough of him. Now I have officially seen far too much of Kevin Butler, and I will forever associate ModNation Racers with PE teacher/football coach crotch.

It Only Does Race, Create, Share [PlayStation Blog]


    Gotta Admit, it's a great ad though :)

    I wish his ads (and the $US299 price cut) would air in Australia :(

      So good.

    VP of insperation and persperation.

    That's excellent, I'm a little sad Microsoft didn't think of this kind of campaign.

    With everyone already hating MS corporate... the fake VP would have been genius, although completely against type for MS.

    I love these ads

    This is so much better than those stupid PS3 ads with the baby doll, that was weird and stupid.

      I disagree

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