These Are Your Best Splinter Cell Missions (That Didn’t Win)

These Are Your Best Splinter Cell Missions (That Didn’t Win)

You’ve seen all the food and poop-related entries you sent us to our Splinter Cell: Conviction giveaway. Now let’s take a look at some of my favourite entries that weren’t quite good enough to claim a prize.

Remember, we asked you to send us a photo with a Splinter Cell: Conviction style mission objective written “in the world.” The best entry gets a Splinter Cell: Conviction Xbox 360 console bundle, while five runners-up each win a copy of the game.

The entries below don’t win anything though, just our love and respect. Seriously, these are some fantastic entries.


    • gosh darn it!!!

      that’s my entry LOL

      Thanks to my lovely partner who helped me out for that. I was sooo hoping i would win!

      I was scrolling down saying “don’t see it yet, don’t see it yet…. DAMN IT!”

      haha i hate the feeling of dissapointment that comes with these thing (but love the elation when i do actually win hehe)

      Awesome entries guys!!!

      …i don’t see Q-bombs entry?!?! Could this mean that cookie monster won? Please lord let it be so…

      • Rofl, that was a great entry. Her look certainly captured the moment very well. To the dog house for you! Oh, can’t help but to say, Phwoar!1! your a very lucky guy!

        I have a big block of chocolate ready for when the depression hits… *crossing fingers

      • Your partner has murder eyes.
        She frightens me.

        I’m sure she’s perfectly lovely though! Haha! Haha, hahahaharunwhileyoustillcanhahahaha. Ahem.

  • Bad luck peoples! I really was hoping the rockery K bridge one would win. That would have taken a while to do, and no photoshopping in sight. *tup* from me Cameron 😀

  • Okay mine isn’t there. I’m hoping thats a good sign. Oh gawd this is excruciating, the suspense has been eating at me all day.

  • I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: these are some of the best competition entries EVER on Kotaku. They are AWESOME!

  • Haha, alot of awesome entries there, the winning entries must be really awesome 😀
    Also with Thuddles, mine isnt pictured in either so that means it was either so bad it couldnt be shown, or its a winning entry…oh the suspense…

  • my “Use the Force” just didn’t cut it – argh.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who has been pressing refresh on Kotaku since Monday at 9am.

    Painful week. and all I got was this shitty certificate.

    “Encouragement Award”. How embarrassing.

  • Balls. Mine was way too dark in the end.
    Stupid giant monitor on the wrong angle x.x

    The winner was insanely good though 😛

  • That’s some quality work right there! Liked the “Eliminate the Kitty” one, although i think the cat saw him……

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