These May Be Your Next Left 4 Dead 2 Mutations

We're only into week one of the rotating list of 'Mutations' coming to Left 4 Dead 2, but the code-burrowing Steam forum goers may have already dug up a good portion of the 20-plus game variations coming.

We know that "Realism Versus" is legit, as is "Chainsaw [Massacre] ," but the list is full of placeholders, so set your expectations accordingly. "No Health Versus" and "Vip Target" sound like the kind of tension-filled fun that we're hoping for from Left 4 Dead 2's new expansion, of which we already identified Mutations as one of the add-on's highlights.

Here's the full list:

* Chainsaws

* First Man Out

* Four Swords Men

* Hardcore

* Head Shots Only

* Last Man On Earth

* Linear Scavenge

* M60s

* Max Specials

* No Health Versus

* Realism Versus

* Temporary Health

* Ultra Realism

* Versus Survival

* Vip Target

List of all Mutations (Found in the VScripts) [Steam Forums via Dtoid]


    ultra realism... that sounds awesome.

    VIP sounds very interesting... and as for the headshot only... FFFFFUUUUUUU

    Shame it's still all done like an old House of the Dead arcade game. Bodies vanishing before your eyes and all.


      Man, get the uncensored version, really easy to do, or do the work around for the game. Makes it 10X better. No reason for you to play the censored version!

    The one's that I can figure out what they mean sound AWESOME.

    I don't think I could do Ultra Realism though... I'm not the best player :P

    ultra realism :O

    Having an Uncensored Copy just keeps getting better an better :)

    I played Realism Versus yesterday it was heaps of fun. When my team played as survivors we were shit though. We owned as infected though!

    I like the sound of;
    -Ultra Realism
    -VIP Target

    They should be quite fun!

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