These People Stand Convicted Of Winning Our Splinter Cell Giveaway

These People Stand Convicted Of Winning Our Splinter Cell Giveaway

Let’s find out who won that Splinter Cell: Conviction Xbox 360 console bundle and five runners-up copies of the game.

These guys did!

First, the runners-up…

These People Stand Convicted Of Winning Our Splinter Cell GiveawayThese People Stand Convicted Of Winning Our Splinter Cell GiveawayThese People Stand Convicted Of Winning Our Splinter Cell GiveawayThese People Stand Convicted Of Winning Our Splinter Cell GiveawayThese People Stand Convicted Of Winning Our Splinter Cell Giveaway[imgclear]

I loved Ben’s delightful pun, Hamish’s originality, Linda’s cheekiness, Matt’s crab-taculousness, and Stephen’s appreciation of just how against-the-odds a stealth game should be.

But I loved Jimmy’s entry, below, even more. It is utter, utter, utter genius.

These People Stand Convicted Of Winning Our Splinter Cell Giveaway

Amazing work, everyone. Not just the six winners above, but all the entries we received. You can view more of them here, here, here and here.


  • A great selection of winning entries, congratulations guys! Love the creativity that the Kotaku competitions inspire.

  • Wow great entries, esp the winner, epic picture. Gratz to you all.

    Am I allowed to put mine in a comment even though it didn’t get mentioned or win anything?

      • Poohbum (lol) – Great entry dude!

        Although, with pictures from Twilight on the door, i’d forget the panty raid and just go straight to the tear gas! lol

      • C4 and Think of England may not be ‘fair and square’. Waiting on clarification.

        The rules strictly state:

        “Your photo must contain the Kotaku logo somewhere (not photoshopped).”

        I could be wrong, I hope I am because I wouldn’t want someone to lose a prize after it’s announced but I’m sure the kotaku Logo is photoshopped onto that fence.

  • Good work to all the winners, but two legitimate questions:

    Is the kotaku symbol photoshopped in the C4 picture, and where’s the Kotaku symbol in the Think of england pic?

  • oh thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou!

    finally my year-long life-long dream of winning a kotaku comp has come true!!

    and my xbox just died for the 6th time a few months back too!!

    and congrats to the runners-up! i especially like the bleeding one and the c4!


    • Haha, congrats, it’s pure gold!
      But golly, seems like it would have taken a while. Still, all that time and effort paid off!

      • yeah it did take a while…

        but i was determined to win a kotaku comp and also not give anymore money to microsoft for a new xbox

        take THAT MS!

        • Haha a very very worthy cause – i’m glad the box went to someone who needed it!

          Epic entry mate 🙂

        • Dude pure congrats, that picture is just awesome. So much to look at, so much comedy, such brilliance. My nephew and I got so many belly-laughs out of it. Step 4 was a total pisser! lol!

          Congrats you totally deserved it 🙂

    • yeah… massive congrats, that is an awesome effort… let hope that the new console (lucky number 7!) is one that actually doesn’t break down.

      Congratulations to all the other winners also!

  • Well done everyone, some amazing awesome work, the winner did totally deserve to win!
    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a big block of chocolate I need to get through whilst staring out the window at the gloomy skys….

    • can i join you mate? I’m feeling very gloomy – you can look at me

      Well done to everyone though – the winner was VERY deserving… i really don’t get the “think of england” on though? Nor does it have the kotaku logo… And ben’s Kotaku logo is photshopped in… No that i mind – the entry rocks…

      well done everyone! Enjoy!

      • chuloopa, I do mind personally, whilst I agree my entry doesn’t deserve to win, it’s nowhere NEAR as funny as some of the non-winners from before, and I completely get that, if two entries that break the rules pick up prizes, it robs two other people who entered rule-following entries.

        I’m not saying they have, just asking for clarification.

        I asked earlier, the same questions. Personally all I would like is it pointed out. If the Kotaku symbol is painted on, great.

        If the Kotaku symbol in the England one (I dont really get it either…) is made up of something, great. That’s cool.

        But if the rules haven’t been met and everyone else went to the effort, well that’s hardly fair on everyone else now is it.

        • Kids these days, honestly!

          Do a web search for the phrase “Lie back and think of England” and you’ll both get your explanation 🙂

        • Congrats, moonwalking was so good, and i think even though the plant c4 didn’t have the logo, it deserved to win anyway, i mean, it’s obvious he made the picture for this competiton no?
          As for the think of england one, I can see why you may feel a bit robbed, especially if you went to effort to include the kotaku physically.

          But yeah, bad luck to those who feel cheated, better luck next time!

      • *E~huggles his Loopy friend better.

        Yeah, not sure on those 2 entries…? Oh well. I’m hitting the ice-cream next. Maybe I’m pregnant? o.0

        • The “Think Of England” one, it could have 2 meaning… the first being that the recent Volcano and the trouble England are having with the Ash in general… or not… :p

          More likely though is it’s an VERY old saying originally from England. One where it’s meaning is along the lines of ‘no matter what horrible/uncomfortable the situation is, you can get through it by “thinking of England”‘, ie: Homeland, etc…

          A recent Aussie version of this for similar situation is, “Harden The Fuck Up”. :p

          The context of the photo also fits, as the woman is looking up from a bed, potentially suggesting that she has been asked recently to partake in some form of act/position that she isn’t too fond of. So instead of resisting, she would choose to become completely submissive, go along with it and all the while would be thinking of something positive (England).

      • I think the winning entry deserved to win.

        The runners-up, though…

        Like has been said, they’re breaking the rules… And, unless there’s some sort of esoteric/inside joke that I’m not aware of… They’re kind of below average when compared to others I’ve seen posted; both in concept and presentation (though I guess it’s subjective).

        I also favoured those of which kept within the Splinter Cell theme, as crazy as it may sound.

        Oh well. Congrats Jimmy, you did well.

    • That, sir, is all sorts of win.

      I shall now idolise you for the next 20 days or until i see a shiny obje…


  • Awesome winner, well done, but I don’t get “plant the C4”, “think of England” or the card one. Can someone explain them?

    • Well, “Plant the C4” is a phrase that might actually be used in a game like Splinter Cell, the context being to use the C4 to sabotage or destroy some key objective. However what has been done in the photo in take it out of context, making it seem as though the man has misconstrued what is meant by “plant the C4”. He has taken it in a literal sense and is planting the C4 in the same way you would plant a shrubbery, the presence of the trowel (a common garden tool)is used to deliver this. Further more the socio-economic and political undertones add to the wit of this entry (my second favourite).

      As for “Think of England” entry, i too was confused. I will not explain it however as I think that this is better done by any one of the number of identical Wikipedia link located throughout the comments.

  • Much love, grats to jimmy and other runners up!!

    Just to clear up any confusion and to avert further drama llama, the logo wasn’t shopped into my pic – I used a projector to get both the mission text and logo onto the fence 🙂

    Loved the entries – personal fav is probably steal the sandwich one – best execution by far!

    Also, I think the K logo in the think of England shot is on the bottom left of the left pillow 🙂

  • Whoa, I won something. Anyone seen 4 guys riding around on horses, because clearly this is a sign of the apocalypse!

    Congrats and well done to all involved, I definitely would have voted for Jimmy over myself!

  • Oh wow, that winner is truly something else. Stand out for sure. Congrats to all! I had given up on mine long ago, t’was lame, but good to see what others came up with!

  • These are awesome. Congrats to the winners.

    And many thanks for including my amazingly lazy effort in the ‘special mention’ post. Good times.

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