They're Gonna Make An Apocalypse Now Game? Really?

Francis Ford Coppola's 1979 Vietnam War epic Apocalypse could very well be getting a video game. Oh dear.

Earlier this January, Killspace Entertainment, a new developer with designers from an array of studios like Pandemic, Obsidian and EALA, licensed web domains and

The studio is currently working on an original title as well as a licensed game. Could that licensed title be an Apocalypse Now video game?

Based on the Conrad novella Heart of Darkness, Coppola's film was a troubled production from the start. Star Harvey Keitel ended up getting replaced by Martin Sheen, who suffered a heart attack during filming. An overweight Marlon Brando showed up, and brought filming to a halt. Coppola faced writer's block and didn't know how to end the picture.

Apocalypse Now took top prize at the Cannes Film Festival, but Coppola (and his films) were never quite the same. (Yes, the man who made this film also make Jack.)

Ultimately, the film's mythos and production troubles end up overshadowing the film itself. This is not necessarily a bad thing! And the documentary on the film's making Hearts of Darkness is compelling viewing and actually makes you appreciate the power and impact of the final film so much more.

But if Killspace Entertainment is actually making an Apocalypse Now video game, attempting to replicate the moody performances, Vittorio Storaro's gorgeous cinematography, John Milius' hard-nosed one-liners and Francis Ford Coppola's passion and energy, well, good luck with that. And if it has nothing to do with the Coppola film, perhaps a title change is in order?

I have a feeling this is not a good idea. [superannuation via IncGamers]


    oh god.. take full metal jacket or something if you want to use a war classic as a vehicle for your crappy fps

      At least we can hope it's an FPS. Maybe it's a kart racing game. Now THAT would be wrong...

        What a twist!

        Being on the boat turret would be a pretty good on rails section, if done right of course.

    Battlefield Vietnam was good enugh!..

      Someone actually made a really good Apocalypse Now level for BF: Vietnam.
      It was just the Vin Drin Dop assault, but it was perfectly done. Sucked playing as Charlie though...

    Simulator with boats and helicopters??

    It could be cool if they packaged it with a device to emit napalm smells.

    A Little Big Planet style platformer - I'll get started on the playboy bunnies stage

    I can't see this working. No-one likes Vietnam based FPSs and I don't see how you could base a game on Apocolypse Now.

    Is Tim Schafer in charge? He should be.

      Maybe everyone loves them, and we're yet to find out, since i can name all the Vietnam era games on one hand. They've all been good, but with the problem of being cheaply made (apart from BF Vietnam). A proper blockbuster title from a big company could very well get us off this horrid "modern warfare" binge.

    The game will either have bugger all to do with the film...


    It will be exactly like the film, with one entertaining bit at the beginning, then be a dull plod down a river in Vietnam.

    I love the smell of bad ideas in the morning.

    It smells like... failure.

    Nevertheless, it does have the oppurtunity to be okay.

    No one likes Vietnam games because no one have made a good one. I hope Treyarch makes a good Vietnam CoD Game.

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