This Drunk Driving 'Game' Actually Has A Message

As Kotaku's resident deplorable alcoholic, expectations for me are low enough that not only can I post something this reprehensible, it's practically expected. So here's the problem of drunk driving imagined as a 1990s-style game - note, this game doesn't exist.

Brooklyn comedy quintet POKYPAC is responsible for this foray into dark humour, produced last year and put on YouTube a few days ago. If you somehow find it to be an endorsement of dangerous and self-destructive behaviour, I should remind everyone that driving drunk is one hell of a good way for an otherwise upstanding citizen to find himself charged with homicide. You don't even have to hurt someone to do time - serious time, hanging out with bona fide violent people.

So the message here, kids, is winners drink at home alone.

I'm Not Drunk: The Irresponsible Video Game [Geekologie]


    I like this. I wish there were more games that carried social commentary/observations. Its not even important whether or not the delivery condones drunk driving, as long as it offers insight. So often individuals and the media will judge the behaviour of youth, fringe groups, or even criminals without attempting to understand them or considering their perspectives'.

    That's the power of interactive media, you can put people in the shoes of others. Being controversial and incisive can lead to deeper discussion and better solutions.

    Hell yeah, both Random and Bit Shifter in there. Knew I recognised the music.

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