This Gamer Is Good Driver, Real Good

This Gamer Is Good Driver, Real Good

In December 2009, a special version of Gran Turismo hit the PS3 as a download. The twenty fastest drivers then competed for a chance to enter the GT Academy bootcamp. Only two were selected. And now one has won.

France’s Jordan Tresson was been declared the winner of GT Academy 2010. The Frenchman underwent a six-week training period that culminated in qualifying for an International C Race licence, Sony stated in an official release.

“I never imagined I would end up here when I was on my PlayStation back in December,” Tresson, an automotive engineering student in Northern France, said. “This has always been my dream. If I could spend my time in a car then I would.”

Tresson will compete in the European GT Cup.


  • This is an amazing way to target untapped talent in motorsport.

    It’s an unfortunate fact that the bulk of F1 drivers are Europeans (where most teams are based) and from wealthier backgrounds that allow them to do nothing but drive and practise, when most have to deal with day-to-day concerns. Kudos for running this promotion.

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