This Guy Is A Fighting Game Superstar

One word: "Daigo".

Daigo Umehara is one of the top Street Fighter players in the world. He's famous for this clip — which will, no doubt, outlive us all.

At the recent Super Street Fighter IV Fight Club Event in Los Angeles, Umehara was mobbed by fans eager to shake his hand.

And sign stuff.

Back in 2007, I interviewed Daigo for my book on Japanese arcades, Arcade Mania. What impressed me was how dedicated he has been to the Street Fighter series — nice to see him get love from these L.A. fans.

海外での扱いはスター並 イケメン"ウメハラ" 日本初のプロ格ゲーマー誕生か [まにあっくすZ]


    Daigo is a good player... when he stops his stupid, lame, nub fireball spam. If his character has one, he will spam it to hell. Personally I think Mike_Z from the arcade infinity videos on youtube is much better. Different game yeah (blazblue) but much more epic to see him just destroy people.

      He's competing, when you compete you play to win. His fireball is all about zoning, keeping your player at the right distance or out of range.

      Do you wish tennis players would slow down their serves or not hit the ball side to side to get their opponent out of position.

      The game gives each player a set of tools to use against your opponent. You use those tools anyway you can, there's plenty of characters who have tools to get through fireballs.

      actually, i must disagree with you there.

      he is one of those players that zones more by poking rather than fireballs and is not afraid to get in close.

      you want to talk about fireball spamming? please see "Mago"

        That's a fair call, I was more interested in pointing out that each character has ways and means of playing, and you work with that.

      A lot of people quickly label legitimate tactics as "cheap" or "noob". Some examples are throwing or cross-ups or in this example "daigo's fireball game"

      Maybe to noobs they are cheap tactics but to the pro players they are just another set of tools they can use to beat their opponents.

      Instead, noobs should call it "advanced tactics" because its too advanced for them to understand or comprehend.

    Dude is a beast!

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