This Guy Is Quite The Villain

That's Gackt. He's a bad, bad man.

Well, he is in upcoming PC role-playing game Dragon Nest. In real life, he is a songwriter, fashion model, actor, novelist, restaurateur, screenwriter and psychic. Gackt once said he was born in the 1540. But now, acknowledges that, yes, he was born in 1973. He actually has very dry and wonderful sense of humour!

The popular singer is lending his voice to the game, bringing villain Belskard to life and will be singing the game's theme song as well.

At a recent Tokyo press conference, Gackt appeared as Belskard.

This isn't Gackt's first entry into video games. He sang the theme for Wii hack-and-slash game Samurai Warriors 3, "cosplayed" as Final Fantasy VII's Cloud Strife and even lent music to a pachi-slot game for the PS3. His likeness has appeared in past games games Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, too.

GACKT:PCゲームで"悪役" 移籍発表後初会見 テーマ曲で「変わらぬ意思届けたい」 [毎日jp(毎日新聞) via GameGrep]


    That guy is perfect to be an actor in my Superhero movie.

    Fear Itself is the hero, by the way, to be clear.

    On an unrelated note, I shat myself on the first picture. That production looks AWESOME.

    Wasn't he the model for Squall in FFVIII as well?

      No River Phoenix was. Gackt was only ever in Crisis Core. And I think those images above the Crisis Core promo shot are from Kamem Rider...maybe. I think. He's the villain in that.

    Ahhh, allow me to squeeeee in delight now. Gackt you're my hero ^_^

    This is pretty damn lame. Talented guy, to be sure. But extremely lame.

      Jonathan, Gackt is not lame. Gackt can do anything and still be talented and a great looking artist.

    To quote Blackadder:

    "HE sir, HE, HE?!"

    lol havent listened to his music in aaages

    any1 watch that movie where he plays a vampire haha man he was so "cool" lol

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