This Guy Lost Everything In A Fire, Gamers Help Him

Chris Hu, a member of fighting game forum, lost everything in fire in New York's Chinatown. Hu and his family are now homeless, and is doing what it can to help.

In an interview with ABC, Hu recounts how his family lost more than their home, but also their live savings. (According to the report, many immigrants simply do not use banks.)

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined, but it is believed to have started in a shop on the street level. The fire has left over 50 families displaced.

To help is banding together and running a collection through April 23 for Hu's family. The site has donated $US1,000 to the fund. MadCatz is donating the first Super Street Fighter IV fighting stick that comes off the production line.

More info through the link below.

Shoryuken - Help Out a Friend in Need: Chris Hu [Shoryuken]


    it's true; many immigrants just don't use banks since most of them just get paid in cash anyway

      And this is how they evade taxes...

      but poor guy and his family. my condolences to them.

    Love this guys commentaries, hopefully his family is okay

    That is brutal, I'm going to donate now.

    See... Some gamers are nice, friendly people, Not the violent criminals our government thinks we are.

    "MadCatz is donating the first Super Street Fighter IV fighting stick that comes off the production line."

    Exactly what all homeless people need... -.-

      @kaiden exactly what I was thinking. dude doesn't have a house, electricity, tv or game system...but he can cuddle his controller at night.

      seriously though, good work Shoryuken.

        Yep, pretty useless for the victims. But I'm sure someone out there wants bragging rights (there's always one). I'd imagine it would be auctioned and attract a fairly good price, therefor helping the cause.
        Mind you, they (Madcatz) could chuck in a few grand themselves......

          They're raffling it off, i'm pretty sure i read it off shoryuken yesterday, but here's another link for it

      You fail to realize that without the arcade stick he won't be able to enter SSF4 tournaments. You don't need a house, electricity, tv or game system to play in tournaments, but you do need the best arcade stick you can get your hands on and that MadCatz stick is the best. I wish him the best in the future street fighter tournaments and hope he can win lots of cash and prizes that will help him get back on his feet again. It actually warmed my heard that MadCatz is giving him the first one off the line as it would mean a lot to any street fighter fan. Good on the Shoryuken community for helping out as well.

      They're not giving him the stick, they're providing it as a raffle prize as incentive for more people to donate. You get one entry into the raffle for every $10 donated.

    Sad, but it's good people are helping him (I would if I could).

    That's right world, we're not all vicious virtual-gun-wielding fat cussing psychopaths, unlike some of the stereotypes the media sometimes like to perpetuate.

    Yes , let's just help the guy from the website we like. What about the other 49 families???

      Very good point, but they may have been wise enough to use banks.

      I'm truly sorry for him, it's a terrible thing and I would donate if I had a credit card, but nowadays people should get bank accounts. In case something happens like... this.

      If you havnt already realised, srk is a fighting game community, and Chris hu is well known and loved amongst that community. The whole point of this thing is for the fighting game community to band together and help one of their own.

      While it is unfortunate that so many lost their homes, isnt a charity that seeks out and helps fire victims, its a video game forum and it isnt their responsibility to actively donate money to every single family affected by this fire. Im sure those other families have some kind of support network to help them out be it family and friends, Chris Hu is just lucky enough to also have SRK on his side.

      I think what they're doing is great, if you dont feel that its enough, why dont you go and donate money to the rest of the 49 families yourself?

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