This Is A Pretty Good Persona 3 Statue

Aigis from Japanese role-playing game Persona 3 is getting a couple of limited edition statues. One features her in heavy armour. The other doesn't. Let's look at that one.

This is the "normal version", which was sculpted by Yusuke Mazaki of Sakura Zensen, shows Aigis sans heavy armour. The 265mm-high statue is priced at ¥16,000 ($186) and will be out this September.

Here is the heavy armour version - which I actually like better. No clue why they make two statues and not removable armour.

Neko Magic: Anime & Figures: Persona 3 Aigis GEE! Limited Edition Normal Ver. non-scale PVC figure by Ex_resinya!


    That is insanely awesome, in so, so many ways. The price though is equally insane. *sigh*

    As much as I love Aigis, $160 is too much for any figure.

    I really, really need to finish that game.

      I finished it. The extended ending is freaky. Is there gonna be a Persona game on PS3?

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