This Is What The Original Mario Looked Like In High School

He may not have a moustache, proper plumbing gear or bear a remote resemblance to the Mario of Donkey Kong, but this is what the man who inspired Nintendo to name their most famous character looked like in 1952.

Mario Segale was once Nintendo of America's landlord, but he's better known for being the naming inspiration behind the video game character who built a career on princess saving. And Technologizer's Benj Edwards has dug up what may be our first ever look at Segale, a high school yearbook photo nearly 50 years old.

Edwards has more than just photographic evidence that Segale has a face, he's also compiled a thorough look at the legend of the landlord's influence on a then-struggling Nintendo and a then-poorly named Jumpan. Surprising details on Segale's reported hobby of choice and much more at Technologizer.

The True Face of Mario [Technologizer]


    Well, you can see the resemblance if you focus on everything except his lip.

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