This Studio Ghibli Game Continues To Dazzle

Studio Ghibli, the animation studio behind classic anime like My neighbour Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service, is making a Nintendo DS game title Ni no Kuni with Fukuoka-based developer Level-5. It is Studio Ghibli's first venture into video games.

The game follows Oliver, whose mothers passes away and who enters a parallel universe called "Ni no kuni" with a small, lantern-nosed fairy named Shizuku. Here's a batch of recent magazine scans of the game. Looks swell!

The Last Story, Xenoblade, Ninokuni [Go Nintendo]


    Classic Ghibli. Beautiful, simply beautiful.

    If this game doesn't get translated into english, it's time to start killing people.

      Well Disney has a had in most Studio Ghibli films so there will always be a translation.

        Oh please be true! I want it, so much...

    It will definitely get a Western release. Ghibli has become very popular in the last 10 years.

    Ghibli + Level-5 = Instant purchase.

    Ghibli and Level 5 are so alike, and are both amazing. I cannot wait!

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