THQ Says Undisputed Demo Codes Coming Tonight

The rollout of exclusive access to the UFC Undisputed 2010 demo hasn't gone well. The game's Facebook page had to spread word that codes were coming tonight (Pacific Time) while the community site was down for much of the day.

Last week THQ began plugging the early access, offering it to anyone who registered on the UFC Undisputed community site. The game's rabid fanbase, told to check back at the site today for information on getting the codes, was unable to get through until about an hour ago. A traffic spike linked to demo code interest is a likely culprit although THQ hasn't said anything.

Around noon Kotaku time the game's Facebook page said THQ hadn't started distributing the keys yet. "The key giveaways will begin on Thursday evening (Pacific Time). We will officially announce it on the Community as well as here on Facebook once the codes become available."

UFC fans, ever the understanding and patient sort, replied:

"this demo better fukin come out fuk sakes i been waiting for fukin ever fuckin THQ"


"Don't fucking rush anything THQ! Fuck!!!"


DAMN THIS WAITING!!!!! please hurry up THQ...i wanna play the game already and get BEAST!!!

If this situation changes, we'll update here, but given the lack of specifics coming from THQ, I can't say when exactly you will be able to "get beast."


    UFC sucks. These asshole have people on their websites that sign up for memberships and after 5+ hrs the dumb assholes still don't send you their so called activation email to active your account so you can't long in.Even after you request it to be resent it never comes not in email in box or spam Total BS

      Seems some of their "patient" fans have made it on here.

    I'd take offence to the harsh generalisation of UFC fans, but in reality there's more to MMA than the UFC, and the UFC's mainstream exposure has unfortunately blighted them with a crowd of thick neck, TapouT shirt wearing dumbasses who only want to see guys get "rocked" and boo the instant they hit the mat.

    Just downloaded the demo now!!

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