Three Minutes Of Final Fantasy XIV Footage And Japanese Voices

Square Enix Japan is creating a series of video blogs called Life in Eorzea, with the first one featuring plenty of Chocobos, tiny little guys dancing and plenty of Japanese people talking.

The nice folks at FFXIVCore have translated some of the chatter going on behind the Final Fantasy XIV gameplay footage, and it doesn't seem like those of us who don't understand the language are missing much. At least they are having fun with it.

Creepy Mystery Voice: CUUUUUUTE…

Aratam: She's dancing!

Riekom: The person controlling this Lalafell is a 30 year old guy.

Life in Eorzea #1: SE's official FFXIV Video Blog []


    Can you stop posting up videos of FF11 and passing them off as FF14!


    seriously though, is this really just FF1 reskinned?
    If so, ill play it!

      FF11 even.

    Please, PLEASE, dont come to the Xbox 360!

    Every day is a struggle for me not to play WoW anymore. Ive been clean for two years now but everyday I still feel the pain of withdrawals in the pit of my stomach.

    If FFIV is only released on the PS3 at least I can avoid it by not buying a PS3.
    Or, if is is released on the 360 I hope its crap!

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