Thursday Is A Bad Day To Be A Left 4 Dead 2 Infected

Two teams of survivors means twice the trouble for the ravening hordes of infected in Valve's Left 4 Dead 2 this Thursday, when The Passing downloadable content finally shows up on Xbox Live.

Originally scheduled for late March, The Passing's release date was narrowed down to this week last Friday, and now Microsoft's downloadable content schedule narrows that down to the 24-hour period between Wednesday and Friday.

That's Thursday, in case all of these clues I've been dropping stumped you.

As of this writing we're still waiting on official word from developer Valve, but we assume the PC version will hit Steam around the same time.

Xbox LIVE Marketplace release schedule [Major Nelson]


    But aren't only 3 of the 4 appearing in L4D2? Doesn't the other die in L4D and the webcomic?

    In which case, it's not twice as many, it's 7/4 times as many. :P

    So disappointed in that poster, seriously they could have gone to the effort of making a new drawing then coach would actually have a left arm.

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