Tiger Woods, Lapsed SOCOM Fan

Your perceptions of Tiger Woods may have changed of late, considering he's been accused of banging every cocktail waitress in the continental United States, but there was once a time he was a mere golfer, playing SOCOM on his PS2.

In an article for the New York Times, Seth Schiesel recounts the first time he ever met the world's best golfer, at an event in 2005. "Standing in a deserted Sheep Meadow in Central Park, he waved off his handful of P.R. people, and we spent about 15 minutes just talking about video games", he writes. "Personable, gregarious and altogether down to earth, he lighted up as he told me how much he enjoyed the Socom special forces games because his father had been a soldier."

So far, he sounds like an OK guy, at least if you're a fan of golf and tactical shooters. But remember, that was 2005. "The second time I met Tiger Woods, last June, I couldn't find that guy. Sitting in the atrium of the Nike Store on 57th Street with cameras and handlers and microphones everywhere, he looked me straight in the eye and told me that sadly he didn't play video games much any more because he was too busy spending time with his wife and children."

You mean, spending time banging women who were not his wife.

Tiger Woods, at the Virtual Tee First [New York Times]


    This dude just keeps on getting cooler and cooler for me. Not an ordinary golfer.

    Gotta respect a professional who's willing to admit video games are a part of their life.
    Personally, I think the media and his handlers wore him down and burned him out.

      If only he was Australian, we'd all be hailing him as a national hero

    Sure he rooted a few women, but its stupid how many other women came forward after just to get their 15 mins of fame. The man needs to work stuff out with his wife, and these attention seekers are just milking his fame.

    ....or he just banged all of them

    Tiger Woods isn't playing games now? I thought he would be a big fan of the God of War series and Heavy Rain.

    Can't really bang anyone better than Aphrodite.


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