Time To Bless The Earth For Gundam

The giant life-sized Gundam statue is once again being erected and will officially open on April 27. So last week something important happened.

Shinto priests blessed the area on which the Gundam statue, dubbed "Real Grade 1/1 Gundam", will stand. Shinto blessings like this are common for groundbreaking ceremonies for buildings and factories. Heck, even my car and my cell phone (and children!) have been blessed by Shinto priests.

As website AltJapan points out, the Real Grade Gundam will be on display in a public square in front of JR Higashi Shizuoka Station until at least January 2011.

「機動戦士ガンダム RG(リアルグレード)1/1ガンダムプロジェクト」安全祈願祭レポート [Gundam.info via AltJapan]


    Lol. does anyone really care to see a lifesize Gundam statue? How about a life sized oprational Gundam? Oh baby.

    That first picture looks like a screenshot :3

    Also, will this actually be permanent anywhere? I'm not going to be able to get to Japan anytime soon, but I need to see it :D

      I agree, they did the lighting so well it looks fake.

    Wow those guys are working overtime. Big business, being a Shinto priest.

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