Title Update 4 Never Brings Theatre, Forge Support To Halo 2

It's the last day to play Halo 2 on Xbox Live, and Bungie is taking the opportunity to deliver long-time players some thank yous and fake news via the game's matchmaking message centre.

Original Xbox game support on Xbox Live dies today, and Halo 2 holdouts like Kotakuite Cmonty06 are taking some time to get a few final rounds in. He passes along some of Bungie's final messages to its most dedicated fans. Messages teasing new features that will never come, thanking players for their support, and suggesting that the game would have been much better with jetpacks.

Hell, every game is much better with jetpacks.

Thanks for the pics, Cmonty06!


    I tried to get online working last night but had issues. The Bungie.net halo 2 forum has a sticky about getting the online up and running.

    They're awesome. Nice ones Bungie. A sense of humour is HARD to come by nowdays

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