Tony Hawk's Tony Hawk: Shred Outed By Tony Hawk

Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk may have just officially sent the Activision PR team into a 720-degree tizzy, tweeting about Tony Hawk: Shred, quite possibly the more shred-tastic follow-up to the skateboard-as-controller experiment Tony Hawk: Ride.

Mr Hawk cryptically named something that we're just wildly assuming is his next project by way of the Twitter, saying "Tony Hawk: Shred. There, I said it. Actually, I named it. Somewhere a PR team is reeling."

We know that Hawk and company are still optimistic about the future of the Tony Hawk: Ride skateboard controller, for better or worse. Tony has previously said that, in addition to more skateboarding games that you can stand on, the option for "other board-type games, [including]surfing, snowboarding" sounds appealing to him.

They shred in snowboarding right? If Tony Hawk: Shred does take Tony and team to the slopes, it wouldn't be the first Tony Hawk branded game to feature the sport. Tony Hawk Motion for the Nintendo DS had its share of snowboarding fun. And with pro snowboarder Shaun White taking on skateboarding, it would bring balance to the world of extreme sports, no?


    until they decide to drop the novelty skateboard controller, they should at least be as honest as possible in the naming of their game and refer to it as "Tony Hawk: Suck'

    i have always said the board controller was better suited to surfing of snowboarding. flip tricks on a skateboard is the sole reason

    Given that you can't really do manuals, ollies, kickflips (or anything where the board leaves the feet) on a snowboard, I really can't see this game doing any better than what Ride did, unfortunately.

    They should make a game with all three included.

    I think maybe the only way for this to go forward is to cram as much as possible into a game, so if that means skating, surfing and snowboarding all in one, so be it.

    You can see that I have done away with any notion that this could actually be fun and instead have sided with the 'quantity over quality' line of thought.

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