Transformers On Wii Warrants A Name Change, Apparently

Systems like the PS3 and Xbox 360 will be getting a good-looking Transformers game soon called "War For Cybertron". That same game is headed for the Wii, but when it hits Nintendo's console, the name won't be so combative.

No, when the game's released on Wii, it'll be called "Transformers: Cybertron Adventures". It's the same game, mind you, only this time the brutal combat is not a war, it is merely an adventure. A soiree, if you will. A jaunt.

Sounds stupid, but look on the bright side: maybe at the end of the year Wii owners can look forward to Call of Duty: Summer Holiday Activity Centre.

War for Cybertron dubbed 'Transformers: Cybertron Adventures' for Wii [Joystiq]


    man nintendo is so weak they need to drink some cement and harden up release real games not just games for 8year olds and people who only pay attention to pop culture

      You seem to be under the impression that Nintendo requested a title change? Nintendo has nothing to do with this title. Whoever is publishing it and whoever developed it would have made the decision

    Epic win for the post picture.

    I just want to tip my hat at that graphic *tips hat*

    If history is anything to go by, the Wii version will be so dissimilar to the HD versions, as to be a different game anyway.

    I'm kind of offended by this. This may seem to be off-topic, but follow me on this: Part of the argument for an R18+ rating is so parents are fully aware of what video games they may buy for their children contain. A parent who feels that 'war' is inappropriate for their child is clearly being mislead by the title: Cybertron Adventures. It's a step in the wrong direction in my opinion.

    Of course, that opinion only stands if it is indeed the same game with a different title.

    film transformer very good, game transformer?? i want see that

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