Turn A PSP Into A PS2 With This Controller Hack

I swear I keep having this dream where I'm playing my PSP and its controls have somehow morphed into a full-blown PS2 controller. This mod isn't exactly that, but it comes close.

This hack didn't require any hardware alteration in either the PSP or the PS2 controller - just a custom-made plug-in that enables the controller usage. Perhaps more impressive is the guy playing Full Auto 2 with one hand while he films with the other.

PS2 Controller Hacked To Control Your PSP [ubergizmo]


    Buy a PSPgo and you can do that out of the box.

    argh. the comments on kotaku are all over the place these days. why can't they be placed in oreder of when they were made :(
    it's unreadable.

    I would love to be able to use a psp like this.

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