Twelve More Splinter Cell Agents Report Back

To win a Splinter Cell: Conviction Xbox 360 console bundle or one of five copies of the games, we're asking you to undertake a mission, Sam Fisher-style. You've got until Sunday to enter, but let's take a look at twelve more agents who have already returned.

Thanks to Ubisoft we have a Splinter Cell: Conviction Xbox 360 console bundle (that's an Elite plus the game, as pictured) up for grabs, along with five copies of the game on Xbox 360 for the runners-up.

How do you enter?

We want you to send us a photo with a Splinter Cell: Conviction style mission objective written "in the world" just like in the screenshot above.

Your photo must contain the Kotaku logo somewhere (not photoshopped). The mission objective can of course be 'shopped in. The cleverest, funniest, most creative entries will win. Send your photo in jpeg format no wider than 1000 pixels to the usual address. You've got until this Sunday, April 18 to get your entry in. No multiple entries, please.

We've already shown you twelve entries, but here's a few entries we've already received, plucked entirely at random. Don't fret if yours hasn't been posted! I repeat: these are all selected at random.

Think you can do better?

Good luck!

[Terms and Conditions]


    Haha, some pretty good entries there. I especially like the "Eliminate Plaque" and "Infiltrate The Pie" ones.

    Need to get to work on my entry this afternoon.

    Argh! It's ours! :D

    Ha ha, having great fun with this Kompo, everyone's are very funny. I hope we all don't start seeing stuff outside in parks or bars, "Climb a tree" or "Chat up, Interrogate then dispose of!" Good luck all, I hope UBI Soft are enjoying the entries too.

    Another cookie monster... what?

    Q-bo, you're not doubling up on entries are you?

    Some good ones here, but i personally preffer the first bunch

      Someone else is moving in the Cookie Monster's turf...

        The Nerve!

          I almost feel violated! *gasps* But I understand the love of the cookies....

          I think I may need one of those real life ones, but I like the challenge of the one clipart pic I have twisted to suit my needs. Anyways, the more cookies the better. So long as they dont win first! ;)

          All these entries are great by the way. Some almost *hint* seem photoshopped..?? Anyways, good luck all!

    the eliminate plaque one is gold!! i lol'd! (that rhymes)

    I do not envy the judges on this one :) Pure gold

    Haha, more awesome entries. Think i can also see a pattern of "Win the comp" entries emerging, and here was me thinking mine would be unique :P
    Looking forward to seeing more!

    Not to play dirty, but a few of these would be disqualified right coz they have the logo photoshopped in like the secret message one and the one with the TV.

    or am I mistaken?

      I sent two images but this is the clearer one. The logo on the PlayStation 3's dashboard, therefore it is on the TV. The images so far are "plucked entirely at random", which one is yours mate? :)

    In my opinion the secrete message one is the kotaku logo printed out on a piece of paper and you can see the persons thumb.

    The TV how ever, I agree that it is a photoshop

    Damn, these are all really good.

    There are alot of Bathroom themed ones. Maybe a lot of creative thinking on the loo?

      Because hardly anyone goes out side anymore and the toilet is one of the most interesting places in the house.

      There is only linen cupboard, attic, basement and if your lucky the old door that has been covered over and when you open it, it leads into a room that is bigger than your house....

    Just to claify,

    CAN you photoshop the photo in certain ways (to give it a better feel of the game)?

    Of course the picture itself needs to be yours with the kotaku logo not being photoshopped in, but from your statements on earlier competition it seems photoshopping is allowed as long as you took the actual photo (with kotaku in it).

      Dunno, seems photoshopping may be allowed? I could be wrong but the plant C4 pic seems to have the Kotaku sign photoshopped into it?

    These are looking great, I'm going to try my luck and send in one

    Once the comp is over (or before) they should make an album with them all in so we can see them all.

    And mine ;)

    I've sent in my entry early in the morning before 11:59 am, it took all night but we got it in yeah.

      When are the results and the winner's images gonna get posted?

        Judging was done on the 19th according to the T's and C's, so I imagine either today or tommorrow we'll find out...

    So they're so good that its taking days of careful deliberation to decide who wins?

    We're sitting here at work refreshing the site every 10 mins just in case :P

      im at home doing the same thing

        glad im not the only one... well... not really...

    Who won? Has it been decided yet?

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