Twenty Years Late, Tremors Gets A Game Adaptation

Tremors, a 1990 comedy/horror film about underground monsters terrorising a small town in Nevada, is about the best thing Kevin Bacon ever did. It's also the best flash game I played all weekend.

The aim of the game is simple: much like the movie, you need to assemble a cast of survivors, then elude the creatures as you try and... survive. I don't remember the beasts getting airborne so often in the film, but then, I don't remember anyone looking this cute, either.

It's like Tremors meets Mother 3.



    Yeah, well, for all you know, they can fly!

    I played this the other day, it's pretty damn fun. I now want to go out and rent Tremors 1 and 2. Termors 3 sucked balls and I haven't seen the fourth one, which is apparently a western... lol.

    Tom Fulp has a knack for making fun minigames.

    I'm surprised how easy the game is to play considering how hard the movie was to watch.

      Try getting drunk, it makes it much more fun :D

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