Two More Fighters Join The King Of Fighters XIII

Upcoming 2D arcade fighting game The King of Fighters XIII already has curvy ninja Mai Shiranui in its line-up. But just because KOFXIII has Mai, that doesn't mean the line-up is finalised. Two more fighters are entering the fray.

Assassin Vice, who first made her debut in The King of Fighters '94, and Takuma Sakazaki, who has appeared in both the Art of Fighting and KOF, will both be added to the game's roster.

The King of Fighters XIII is slated to be out this summer in Japan.


    Vice and MAture DIED in KOF '96. Since this game is going to be part of the storyline, and I can't fathom their inclusion.

      My thoughts exactly ^^;;

      Either their Mature and Vice are bonus characters w/ no story or their going to have to come up w/ some weird plot device..

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