Ubisoft Pledges To Improve Crappy Thing You Don't Want

Good news, everyone! Ubisoft says it's "constantly working to evolve and improve" its new "online services platform" for gamers. Awesome! What's this "online services platform"? Why, it's Orwellian b.s. for "DRM."

In other words, despite the utter fiasco its PC copy-protection scheme has been so far, that sucker is here to stay, so get used to playing their games with an always-on Internet connection. Which, even if you have it, still depends on their DRM servers - oops, online services platform - being up and running, as it actually was not during the rollout of Assassin's Creed II.

"Most forthcoming Ubisoft PC titles will use our online services platform," a spokesperson told Eurogamer. "As with any online technology, we are constantly working to evolve and improve it."

Awright! Bitchin'! PC gamers, you can probably look forward to some free DLC for Splinter Cell Conviction, Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands and Ghost Recon Future Soldier when pirates inevitably attack the DRM servers during those releases, too.

Ubisoft: Our DRM will "Evolve, Improve" [Eurogamer]


    Rule of thumb: Anything whose name consists of three nouns is just bullshit for something else. Politicians and marketers do it all the time.

      "Online" is an adjective...

      Isn't 'online' an adjective? And if you're referring to DRM, isn't 'digital' one also?

    That or we can wait til some cracker develop another emulator for the server like they did for Assassin's Creed 2

      Oh but remember according to Ubisoft, that never happened! Hahaha

    Alright, so I won't by any more Ubisoft games. Ever. Good job, Ubisoft!

      I second the motion!

      Ditto, it's a shame because they have a few decent titles.

      The best improvement the could make as far as I’m concerned is to remove the whole thing all tighter. I hope this doesn’t catch on or Ubisoft will have succeded where my mother has failed for years – made me quit gaming.

      Pretty much.

      This plan works for me.

      That was my first step.

      I think I can live without their titles.

    Does anyone know if AC2 is cracked yet? I have no intrest in playing it, I'm just wondering how effective this DRM really was?

      It was a while ago, you just redirect the game to a dummy local server that authenticates it.

      The most solid evidence I've read says that the crack is '99%' complete. Whether that means you can play 99% of the game or the crack is 99% towards working I cannot say. I'm sceptical as to if the rumours are true though. Although I've seen many people say the crack exists I've yet to see any proof.

      For anyone actually looking to learn more about the DRM itself I recommend you read this overview.
      It gives a run down of the technical side of it, and provides an unbiased summation of the topic.

      I have seen "100% complete" server emulators. Don't have the game myself so I wouldn't know if it really is.

      I have a friend who's been playing through a pirated version of the game. He kept on mentioning something about not getting too far else he'd have to stop and wait for the database files to catch up again. From the sounds of it the game is partially cracked, but they are still working on getting all the way there. Of course my friend has given up, he lost his save during his last attempt to update to the latest cracked version, so it sounds like he won't finish the game.

    You can see why I don't play many games on the PC anymore...

    How to improve your "Online Services Platform."

    Step 1: Eliminate it.

    Activision and Ubisoft can both kiss my ass. im not forking over money to either company

    they are just doing this to self mutilate the pc gaming industry. the 'future' is with consoles which have much less piracy.

    at least we have Valve and Blizzard on our side.

    i will also never be buying another ubisoft pc game

    I downloaded, cracked and completed Assassins Creed 2 in the time it's taken Ubisoft to try and fix the problems with my legitimate copy of Settlers 7 (which i've been literally unable to play over the last week) and that's after having returned Silent Hunter 5.

    The Settlers 2 and Silent Hunter 3 (especially with mods) are amongst my favourite games of all time, As I did with Anno 1404, I stomached the DRM and chose to support the developers because I believed they had made GOOD games (even if the Settlers demo was also riddled with Ubisofts DRM) and as such deserved my support.

    Consider that well and truly withdrawn, and i'm sorry to any developers out there stuck with Ubisoft as a publisher.

    They won't see my money until they give up with this awful system. These are just games, not matter how good, I'm not ready to be taken to a fool to such an extent just for some games, they are enough good ones around to ignore Ubisoft totally. So yeah, bye bye and thanks for the fish (when it was fresh and not rotten like now)

    I wonder how long it will take until publishers realise what developers worked out years ago. That punishing people for doing the right thing doesn't work.
    You have to generate positive feedback loops.
    While steam started off slow, it now offers indie game developers a platform for distribution, severely discounted games, classic games that aren't available anymore and new content for in-house games.
    If you kick people in the teeth for supporting you, re. breaking a game to "protect" it against pirates, then you're doing something wrong.
    Mass Effect 2 saw bioware rewarding it's customers with free content if they own a ligitamate copy and support them in other series (armor from Dragon Age available in Mass Effect 2) or Rocksteady only punishing pirates (arkham asylum "no glide" feature) is a far more workable system.
    There will always be pirates, either out of desperation for the latest game, neccessity, impatience, the challenge or just because.
    Best bet is to give people a good reason not to, instead of an incitement to avoid games.

    ^ What everyone said.. albeit almost redundantly as Owen summed it up nicely.

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