Unboxing... Wing Commander III

Thinking back to Wing Commander III's manual the other day persuaded me to take a trip to my parent's house over the weekend, and pick up my old copy of the game. And not just pick it up. Open it.

Opening it I found it to be even more awesome than I remember, so I quickly shut it again and thought: "Let's unbox it together! Like it was 1994!"

You'll see I take very good care of my video games when they star Mark Hamill, have a letter saying "Attn: Lord British" on it and come with a book saying the Kilrathi are essentially enormous Imperial Japanese pussy cats.

And just look at those system specs! Frightening.


    I remember my first WC3 experience. I was at the end of Grade 10, was finished school early (at my school G10's had like a week more holidays), and had to cook dinner. I began to cook the bolognese sauce (on high), then went hunting for my chrissy pressies. Found this, installed it, played it for 4 hours...... then tried to come up with an explanation as to what had happened to the bolognese..... I wasn't allowed to cook in that kitchen again :(

    Oh man, I got this on PS1 when I was 8 or so. I played the absolute crap out of this game!


    Yeah, DOS games.

    I must have played through that game at least 50 times. I still have my boxed copy to, though I think the manual is in a cupboard somewhere.

    Is that a pink cordial stain on the reference card...? Oh and yeah, cool game

    This makes me want to bring out my Kilrathi Saga set and play the games again!

    I believe if you run the installer on anything greater than approx. an 8x CD-ROM drive, it'll tell you your drive is running faster that is physically possible :)

      *than* physically possible... *sigh*


    Hi all, it was a really greta game! I had te PC version when I was 14 and I used to play it a lot on DOS. I still having the original CDs :) Could someone please help me to see if I can make it work now on XP? I have tried everything: W95 mode compatibility; DosBox, VDMsound... and can't run. VDM sound shows me an error and that there is a bad .EXP file, but there is no one on the CD. Need help please. Thanks!

      I remember receiving this game as a Christmas prezzy for the first time back in old 94. I looked at the cover and thought, wow! this game looks great. When I saw the opening cinematic, I knew I struck absolute sci-fi gold. An erection grew deep within the bowls of my pants as I locked eyes upon Hamill's masculine 'Christopher Blair mustache.' Upon waking up from this trance, I reminisced being the third person in the bar on the second deck of the TCS Victory next to Flint and Rachel. My heart pounded with excitement and adrenaline, and the intensity of my erection grew harder as I imagined the bristles of his moe entangling around my teeth. It wasn't until I woke up, that I found myself with a pussy (which I aptly named Kilrathi) sitting on my face. It was then that I realised that I needed to take a break from WC3 for the 50th time in a row, and give my partner proper oral. Pleasant dreams WC3 fans! ;-P

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