Valve Dates Steam For Mac; It's May 12

Valve sent word five minutes ago that the public release of Steam for the Mac will be on May 12. No other details were included in the statement.

Originally due for release sometime in April, there was, of course, less than two days left to make that deadline. Valve gave no reason for the delay.

Steam for the Mac will bring with it Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike, Portal and the Half-Life series.


    And still no news on Engy update?

    what are the specs for steam mac?

    Better add this to the Valve Time entry on their developer wiki. My sister will be jazzed nonetheless.

    Now I can't wait for Portal 2 to come out

    Well, it's about a month away, but I can't wait!

    I probably won't even play games; I might just chat to my Steam friends on my macbook, but regardless, it'll feel really nice to have.

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