Valve Launches Collectible Line With TF2, Half-Life & Left 4 Dead Statues

We've been complaining about the lack of Team Fortress 2 collectibles for months now. We even did it yesterday. That complaining stops today, however, with the reveal of a gorgeous statue based on the game's "Heavy".

It'll stand a whopping 12 inches tall, and come in both red and blue flavours (with exclusive variants with different facial expressions), so as not to have anyone feeling left out.

Best part? It's just the first in an entire line of them, so hopefully we'll see each and every member of the Team Fortress 2 team represented.

Actually, no. That's not the best part. The best part is that Gaming Heads, the studio responsible for the statues, is also releasing a line of statues based on Half-Life 2 and Left 4 Dead, as well as "life size props".

Life size props? Half-Life 2 statues?

Goodness me.

Pre-orders for the Heavy begin at 9am on May 3. Get in line.


    Dammit, no indication of costs or shipping costs so far. This is gonna be expensive for all 9 classes that's for sure. Bye-bye savings.

    I think that would make a perfect welcome home present for a mate of mine. I'll have to put it on my to-remember list.

    I want a life-size sentry gun!


    I dont even play the game and i want. Always did admire the character design for the game, so no surprise that a figure is awesome.

    YEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH. Hopefully they release prices and shipping costs. I'll be getting a BIG package from Steam one day. I've been meaning to get some of the Portal stuff they have up their and NOW THIS! It's a fine day to be a Valve fan. Even better, a finer day to have a Mac and be a Valve fan.

    OMG, Gordon Freeman 12 inch statue, awesome! WTB!!

    Yeah, perfect! Really perfect!

    Except they're limited edition and will cost more than a fortune.

      No, there's normal ones and limited editions with different expressions.

    If I didn't know any better, I would assume that they are pushing for buzz on these figures so they can work out how much they can charge based on the level of interest (in other words if they could work out how many people want the figures, based on their target consumers income and probability of buying, they can effectively sell these at "auction" to the highest "bidder", if you understand what I mean).

    But that's ok. My brother will go ape shit over this and his birthday was last week (I forget to get him a present), so I would probably pay a lot for this figure.

    Make a Life Size Force-A-Nature and Sell Bonk in Stores But Sell Crit-A-Cola hidden at stores

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