Virtua Fighter's Final Showdown With April Fools

It's still March 31 by the official Kotaku calendar, but it's April Fools' Day in Japan, something you should take into consideration while watching Sega's new trailer for Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, its latest fighting game update.

If the fireballs, hurricane kicks and Tekken-style lighting effects have you worried about the direction of the Virtua Fighter franchise - one known not for its over-the-top super moves - don't worry. The excitable bear announcer, subject to numerous copyright-conscious bleeps, should tip you off that Sega's not taking any of this seriously.

This is what Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown will really look like (or at least close to it). But the latest VF5 trailer, below, is gloriously goofy.


    The irony is that, to me, that looks more enjoyable than the normal game will be. I couldn't help laughing at the excitable bear announcer when the Hadoken came out though. XD

    Haha yeah i know what you mean :P I was thinking woah.. id play that!

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