Visualise The Halo: Reach Beta With 13 Minutes Of Video

Today was video day for Bungie and the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta, which begins in a week. The studio dropped 13 minutes of raw footage showing several of the available modes.

Yeah, I probably should chop it up, but believe me, technical difficulties on my end are why this thing is so late in the first place. Instead, here's a handy timestamp guide.

0:00 - Video begins with new game mode Invasion on the Boneyard map.

3:50 - Still on Boneyard, but now Invasion Slayer - which is a 6-on-6 Elites vs. Spartans team deathmatch, basically.

5:20 - Powerhouse map, Slayer game.

7:56 - Powerhouse map, Stockpile game. Stockpile's a capture-the-flag variant.

8:38 - Swordbase map, Capture the Flag.

9:17 - Swordbase, Oddball.

10:10 - Swordbase, Stockpile.

12:06 - Swordbase, Slayer.

What's not in here? Generator defence on Overlook, for one. No Headhunter either. But there's plenty of great shots showing assassinations, armour abilities and other new features of the game. For a guide to what you're looking at, be sure to check out our Halo: Reach Multiplayer Preview from last week.


    Video is totally out of sync... but other wise cant wait for reach!

      Oh good, so it's not just my laptop then. The out of synch audio was frustrating, but there was some good footage in there.

    vid doesn't show for me

      What browser are you using?

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