Voltron Movie Goes Back To The Drawing Board

The Hollywood big screen adaptation of iconic 1980s television cartoon Voltron has been languishing in development hell for years. After several script drafts, the live-action movie version is heading back to square one.

The original Voltron cartoon was a mix-mash of two Japanese anime: armoured Fleet Dairugger XV and Beast King Go-Lion.

Mark Gordon, producer of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, began development on a feature film version of Voltron in 2005. Justin Marks, who recently wrote Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, was brought aboard to pen the screenplay, which was post-apocalyptic and set in New York City. It followed five survivors of an alien attack who pilot robot-shaped lions to protect the Earth.

That script has been scrapped.

Max Makowski, who write and directed crime flick One Last Dance, was slated to direct. He is apparently no longer attached to the project.

Instead, the movie is back at zero and pre-production is starting once again with World Event Productions, which did the Voltron cartoon, and Atlas Entertainment, the company behind Three Kings, Twelve Monkeys and the Scooby Doo and Get Smart movies. There has been concern, it seems, that young viewers would confuse Voltron with Transformers and/or Power Rangers, but WEP asserts that the live-action film will stand out. If and when it ever gets made!

Last December, Voltron was adapted into an iPhone game.

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    Man, this movie better get made. With the success of Transformers, it's just begging to get made. I guess we have Gaiking to tide us over until then.


    Thank God that dodgey original script was scrapped. Set on Earth..in New York..the Lions built from scrap metal..arrghh worst possible scenario imaginable.

    Make it a space fantasy opera the way its supposed to be. How hard can it be. Why does everything have to be set in New York? (Akira anyone?).

    YES! No Justin Marks to bastardize and tarnish another of my childhood memories! He can't possibly be proud of SF:Legend of Chun li...

    or is his skin that thick?


    Anyway, moving to square one sounds like a good idea. Otherwise, the movie would never get made. Well, at least.

    From Days of Long ago, from uncharted regions of the Universe comes a Legend, the Legend of Voltron.

    If it does not start with this, the Galaxy Alliance and the story of a force of Space Explorers specially trained by the Alliance, it simply isn't Voltron.

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