Walmart Said To Broaden Christian-Game Distribution Plans

The makers of the Left Behind series of religious video games says Walmart is expanding the Christian game test-market it opened last year in Texas, with an eye toward distributing such games nationally.

The statement came in a recent SEC filing by Left Behind Games. The additional states weren't specified, but the expansion was described as a "new market test [that is]is a follow-up to the marketing trial conducted in approximately 100 Walmart stores in Texas during the 2009 Christmas sales season." Left Behind CEO Troy Lyndon, citing sales figures for Christian and Gospel music, posits that the US south central and Mid-Atlantic states - aka The Bible Belt - will see the expansion.

Lyndon said Walmart asked that the test market expansion be announced to the company's shareholders through the filing rather than by a news release to the general public. If Walmart likes what it sees in the test market then "their marketing resources will be utilised to facilitate a full-fledged launch," Lyndon wrote. Elsewhere in the statement to shareholders, Lyndon refers to the company's pending merger with Digital Praise, announced back in February. That will bring the Guitar Praise line of Christian music rhythm-gaming under the same brand.

Joystiq reported that Lyndon said Left Behind's games are no longer available in the 100 stores comprising the original Texas test market, and that the new test will actually put its products in fewer stores, just spread out over a wider geographic area.

Left Behind Games Expands Walmart Distribution to 'Broad Area of States' [Joystiq]


    That's bizarre, I'm a christian but would never play any of this stuff, its all awful :P Games should be for entertainment IMHO. Thinking back I never really enjoyed educational ones either with maybe the exception of the island of Dr Brain and Carmen sandiego but that's just me.

      agreed... as a Christian, all I'm doing is wondering why anybody would develop or play this!

    Carmen Sandiego is just amazing! I actually played this Left Behind game, and even as a Christian I found it patronizing how they portrayed everyone else as sinners that were meant to be killed and like really the game only served to make non-christians get more angry at Christians.

      Yeah, its pretty disgusting they have that sort of opinion and outlook on people. I certainly don't share their views and that hardcore fundamentalist angle.

    um, this is Walmart and the US we're talking about here. Shallow understanding and fanatical devotion are prized by these people. We so shouldn't be encouraging them.

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