Warhammer Online Bug Results in More Than $US300 Monthly Fees

A screw-up in EA's Warhammer Online billing system has resulted in many players being charged upwards of 22 times for a one-month subscription, filling bank accounts with overdraft fees and the Warhammer forums with very angry players.

A Warhammer Online forum thread named 'Billing Error' has been filling with reports from customers that were surprised yesterday when their normal monthly fee for playing the EA MMO was multiplied anywhere from 12 to 22 times. That's upwards of $US329.78 for one month of Warhammer Online.

One reader even linked a snapshot of his bank account as proof of the issue.

EA is aware of the issue, addressing it in a post on the Warhammer Online Herald, following it with this hopeful bit of news:

We have confirmed with our vendor that players who have been charged multiple times for their subscriptions should start seeing a reversal of charges within 24-36 hours. We anticipate that once the charges have been reversed, any fees that have been incurred should be refunded as well.

It's great that the charges are being reversed, but the damage is already done. Players are finding themselves with empty bank accounts, overdraft charges are piling up, and the notion that reversing the charges will clear any bank fees is a fanciful one at best. My bank doesn't play that way. I've had similar situations arise in the past, and I've needed to fight tooth and nail to get my money back.

To assist us in providing the best possible service please contact your financial institution prior to contacting EA Billing Support as we can only assist with resolving additional fees after you have been reimbursed.

This is going to be an extremely busy week for EA billing support, and I'd daresay EA's lawyers will be getting a workout as well.

Suddenly prepaid time cards are looking extremely attractive.

Thanks to Matthew for bringing this issue to our attention.


    What a great way to keep the already dwindling number of subscribers they had.

    They probably thought, "hmm... they're going to quit anyway, let's steal their money while we still can!"

    Well, we already know that EA wants money, this just cuts out that fussy little video game business thing and gets straight to the point!

    That just leaves a bad taste in your mouth, and it won't bode well for the 40k MMO.

      The 40k MMO is not being handled by EA/Mythic, but by THQ and crew of the Dawn of War series. With artistic director behind Darksiders.

      EA doesnt have any license to 40K.

    A bank has no legal right, at least in this country, to charge you when a transaction was in error.
    It was in no way a fault on your behalf and so they are not able to charge you for this, if procedures are followed then charges incurred should be recinded.
    If your bank doesnt do this they are in contravention with legislation and technically you could sue them for damages.Conversly if the bank really still feels theyve been jipped their only recourse is with the ones at fault, in this case EA.
    People need to stop treating banks like gods with overall rule, they have to abide by the same rules we do. If they screw you around do your duty and make a formal request to solve the issue then move it onto the government bodies set up to deal with such issues, or a local or federal member.

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