Warpgate HD – Epic Space Exploration, iPad Style

Warpgate HD – Epic Space Exploration, iPad Style

Thirty-five different star systems to explore; 172 different starships; more than 100 main quests – this is universal domination the iPad way, courtesy of Freeverse’s Warpgate HD.

The first screenshots of Warpgate HD caught my eye, and then developer Freeverse passed along this exclusive gameplay video, and I’d say I’m hooked without even having my iPad yet. All you really need to do is touch your monitor while the video is playing, and you get the general idea, right?

This is exactly the sort of game I want to be playing on a tablet in Starbucks – pretty enough to attract attention, while engrossing enough to allow me to ignore it.

Stay tuned tomorrow for hands-on impressions of Warpgate HD and at least a dozen other iPad launch titles, as I discover the bad side to being the only Kotaku editor who preordered an iPad.


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