Watch Australia’s Best Modern Warfare Players Shoot Each Other

The final of Dell Australia’s Alienware 2010 Clan Challenge was held over the weekend. Forty of Australia’s best gamers were in Sydney for the event. Here’s how the grand final played out.

Eight teams vied for the title throughout five-on-five rounds of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. With scores locked at twelve-all, the grand final saw teams Frenetic Array and Archaic eSports battle it out into extra-time. Frenetic eventually emerged triumphant and each member of the team scored themselves an Alienware Aurora PC valued at nearly six grand.

You can watch the entirety of the grand final match above while all the tournament games can be seen at the link below.

Oh, and since it’s a long clip, just enter some text in the comments field below and the page won’t refresh!

Alienware COD4 Clan Challenge 2010 [Gamestah]


  • Good to see this kind of thing, however, I wish the commentators weren’t so unprofessional and had better mics. They completely ruined it for me.

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