We Have A Hostage Situation

When Sony accidentally sent Activision's trophy for 1.5 million manufactured units of Modern Warfare 2 to Ubisoft, the situation quickly got out of control. Will Activision come up with the brownies before it's too late? - Thanks, Anonymous Kidnapper!


    Is that for real, as in someone from ubisoft made this? If so, awesome. So awesome. Nice to know there's some sense of humour amongst these people.

    lol sony what were you smoking?

    Lol. Sony has to cough up a trophy to Ubisoft now for .... hhmm ... Assassins creed 2 I suppose...

    Ubisoft is no stranger to holding things hostage. It's part of their DRM strategy.


      Sick burn.

      badum tish!

      Heh, it's funny because it's true :P

      Anywho, I love this! Just when I thought Ubisoft were money-grubbing bugs, they show us personality and humour. Sure, still money-grubbing, but hilarious :P

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