What Are You Playing This Long Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Long Weekend?

Playing through all of Metro 2033, finishing Mass Effect 2, starting up Resonance Of Fate, checking out White Knight Chronicles, getting back into Call of Pripyat and sampling the Heavy Rain “Taxidermist” episode. That’s my full weekend gaming schedule.

Oh, and I found my PSP! I was recharging it Friday night and will be taking a look at Puzzle Chronicles and maybe a few Minis from the PlayStation Store.

What are you playing this long weekend?

Oh, and since Monday is a public holiday, this post will stay stickied to the front page for an extra day. Also, your regular Monday posts will now appear on Tuesday.


  • In between eating hot cross buns, I will be playing Fight Night, and will be heading down to EB Games and picking up UFC for $25 as they have that on special this weekend. I love that you can pick up games for this much now.

  • Cleaning up the last few trophies in God of War III currently. Still need to finish Darksiders and AvP, so will try and get some play time in with those too.

    Will be checking out the Lost Planet 2 MP demo as well as hitting up some Bad Company 2 online.

    Long weekends are awesome!

  • Just finished Mass Effect 2, man I enjoyed that so much I don’t now where all the time went. Game says I spent 35 hours, seriously felt like about 5 I was that into it. Playing Oddword: Abes Oddysee today followed by Fishing, bbq beer etc to see out the weekend. happy long weekend to all.

  • The Blazblue that I won! Trying to get my head around all the different characters and their traits, takes some effort. Finally got Muramasa so looking forward to playing some of that too 😀

  • Not sure… probably continue through the God Of War trilogy… Just Cause 2, Battlefield… something else…

  • I’ve been on a PS1 playing kick as of late so i’ll be playing through Vagrant Story Again, then i may finish Galerians again

  • Having a good relax this weekend more than anything. Away with friends, family stuff. But I’ll fit in some time on Monday for some MW2, the missus has been playing Gitaroo Man and I’ll watch her work through Ico. 🙂

  • I’m going to get right into the spirit of Easter and play Dead Rising… Because what is Easter if not a celebration of a zombie?

    mmm chocolate brains…

  • At a convention – so gaming is more of the board and card type, though I polished off GTA Chinatown Wars yesterday. I certainly didn’t know how close I was to the end, picked it up and had finished it after 20 minutes after not playing for months.

  • absolutely nothing, finished god of war 3, still waiting on gran turismo 5 which will be awhile.. so the ps3 will sleep until red dead redemption comes out later next month.

  • I finished Call of Pripyat a while back, and over the last week played through Shadow of Chernobyl, which I’d started on several times but got impatient with. Using the STALKER Complete 2009 mod made it so much more enjoyable. Finished that yesterday, and Clear Sky Complete only just came out too, so I’ll be moving onto that now.

  • Ive been playing Metro 2033 aswell. Im up to Cursed Station. I think I am about half way through the game?

  • Just finishing off some substories in Yakuza 3. It’s such a great game and I recommend it to everyone 🙂

  • It’s a bit late in the game but I finally got my hands on a copy of Uncharted 2 so I’m playing that! Loving it so far, although the last game I played was Infamous so I’m finding myself trying to climb unclimbable walls and expecting to snap onto everything I jump at even if I’m at a bad angle.

  • After watching the awesome Metroid Other M trailer I think it might be time to get back into Metroid Prime Trilogy.

  • Inbetween GTAIV and COD4 deathmatches I’ve been playing Portal and Half Life 2 and helping the kids on Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts, also at some stage I gotta check out Mortal Kombat vs DC which I rented the other day (but then EB busted that really good $25 sale on me!)

  • This weekend would be busy!

    I still have to finish Final Fantasy XIII since I stopped it to platinum God of War III…I’ll be playing Pokemon Soulsilver as well, and probably start of Bioshock and Heavenly Sword (from EB Games $25 sale)…if not, well, probably collect the last few trophies in Heavy Rain…


  • Just Cause 2
    Bad Company 2 (PC)
    DoW2 Chaos Rising Coop

    (but its the holidays so just extend this for the next few weeks)

  • What sticks out of the bundle of game I’ve been playing is Modern Warefare 2, finished the campaign finally! Also added 8 hours of pure sniping magic on the multiplayer.
    Been playing torchlight haven’t finished it yet but I’m almost there!
    Wanted to bring back some good old school FPS with serious sam 2, been playing the hell out of it on lan with my brother.
    Played a bit of Age of Empires 3, and also tried out the starcraft 2 beta! Damn those patches I hate them. Borrowed Bad Company 2 from my brother, still haven’t finished patching it.

  • Im still in the middle of playing Fragile Dreams =D

    Grabbed it off the shelves this wedenesday as it came out on JB! =3

  • My weekend is over now, but sunk some hours into ME2 and finally finished my ME3 save, insanity difficulty, level 30, full paragon, full survival, all crew alive, faithful to ME1 romance.

  • Bit late to comment, but I was playing Demigod all weekend. I forgot that I had it on my hard drive. Found it by accident when I went to play Sins of a Solar Empire.

    Good I played the crap out of the Rook 🙂

  • I cant believe no one said Pokemon HeartGold or SoulSilver.

    Now i kinda feel silly owning up to playing soulsilver all weekend…

  • Spending inordinate amounts of time with the Castlevania DS games. And realising just how much Kojima is going to eviscerate the franchise with Lords of Shadow. I honestly don’t see the need for a 3D Castlevania, it’s just another Sonic disaster waiting to happen.

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