What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I'll be neck-snapping and leg-splitting as Sam Fisher this weekend. I'll be playing on the hardest difficulty, too. Not because I'm hard, but because apparently that's the way Conviction is meant to be played.

Watching the pre-release trailers and even during some of the demonstrations I've seen, I've been concerned that Conviction was taking a more action-oriented route than the proper stealth gameplay of the earlier games.

A friend, who has been playing it this week says this is very much the case on the default difficulty setting: you can pretty much go in guns blazing, at least in the early stages. However, he switched it to the hardest setting and found it plays like a different game. The AI detection is a lot less forgiving on the higher setting, meaning you are forced to approach each situation with caution, plan your assault before acting, and above all remain patient.

That's exactly what I want from a Splinter Cell game.

What do you want from your weeking gaming?


    wow, free multiplayer MW2, Forza 3 and scribblenauts

    I'm finally up to Gran Pulse on FFXIII and oh my LORD this game has been holding back on me. For the first 20-odd hours it was an excercise in the game holding my hand, guiding me gently through each area the way it wanted me to.

    Now, it has basically given me the keys to the kingdom and told me to have fun. So I will!

    Gotta finish this playthrough of Borderlands & then it's SC2 beta games till I can't stand it anymore (never at this rate)

    Still can't get enough of Just cause 2. I fould 747 (474) jet engines so have been flying these around and still finding myself so distracted from the actual game (missions). I set off trying to get to a mission but on the way, jump from car to car, travel for km's using only the 'shute and grappling hook and hooking stuff to the back of my car. I almost finished a mission of transport AI dude to point X after crashing my car by hooking him to the helicopter and flying there (he was shot as I landed).

    I have played 10-15 hours and only did 3-4 of the story missions!

    I've finally started playing Megaman 3 on VC, and GOD it's good. I might get a bit of Metroid Prime Trilogy and Batman: Arkham Asylum in. If I finish Batman I might get back to FFXIII.

    Hoping to burn through GOWIII; you think there's no life left in the PS3 yet, then some of the visuals in that just make your jaw drop. And it plays really well too.

    Once that one's over, hopefully return to ROF and appreciate that one a bit more :)

    I'll be finishing Dragon Age. Such a great game and well realised world. It's a crime that it took this long for a real rpg, of this calibre to come out. It's the only experience for a number of years now which has given me my fill of rpg goodness. Fallout 3, Oblivion, FFXIII just do NOT cut it. I'd play mass effect if i had a better computer but even then, I've heard they've ripped out the rpg goodness from that too.
    Dragon Age is what I've been waiting for this entire generation, it doesn't need to be completely heart stopping visually, it needs to be thought provoking story wise, epic and complex in the gameplay and battle system.

    1st person with rpg elements grafted on, with just plain weird dialog and unnatural interraction does a immersive experience not make.

    I think I'm going to have a look around at some indie games I haven't tried, such as Cave Story.

    I couldn’t really play any games last week because I was just swamped with work, So this week I’ll try to finally finish GOW 3 on hard mode,

    I’ll play some ninja gaiden 2, even though I’m not into the split second button mashing precision type games, the whole game has this camp quality to it like it knows it’s incredibly stupid, and if you just look at the game as a joke then it’s actually really fun, I could swear I was playing Ghostbusters when I had to fight the reanimated statue of liberty, i half expected it to slime me with goo.

    Anyway, I’m tried of having to go to my friend’s house to play mass effect 1 and 2, so I’ll probably save up to finally join the rest of society and get an Xbox 360 (how much are they these days?). Between Neverwinter nights, Dragon age and Mass effect, Bioware have become my favourite developer and it’s pretty obvious they hate the PS3 for some reason.

    I would love to be playing Conviction right now but alas I will have to wait. FFXIII and Bad Company 2 keeping me entertained this weekend.

    I'm in the middle of another Team Fortress 2 binge. Gotta get me some hats!

    I would be finally starting Mass Effect 2 but I've discovered I have more than one EA account (thanks to the bioware account thing I had to set up with Dragon Age), and this has completely screwed up where my gamertag is associated so I can't access the Cerberus network thing. FFFF SO MUCH RAGE. Emailed EA support but who knows when they'll get back to me.

      Oh, and while I'm stewing in my own bitterness, I'll be killing time with Forza 3 (still haven't finished the 6th year, but R1 races are really hard because a couple of opponents have better cars than I do so far...), and Lost Planet: Colonies or whatever. Good fun, especially considering I got it free with my Elite.

      Update: EA support got back to me and transferred my gamertag to the correct account, no problems. It's like... I'm living in a crazy parallel universe or something. Thanks, EA support!

    My copy of Hokuto Musou is ready for some action this weekend.

    Cobra Triangle on NES

    Trying to work out how to get this "new" Atari 2600 to work ... think I need an RF converter! Bugger!

      Hmm... might need a new HDMI cable. :)

    I put together a new PC last weekend, so I'm going through all my old games that didn't run particularly well on my previous budget rig.

    Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines, Red Alert 3, and (if I can figure out why it's causing my rig to force reset. Help is appreciated) C&C3+Kane's Wrath :)

      Dude, if you're running Windows 7, try running it in compatibility mode for XP with administrator rights. I've been on a C&C binge and had a spot of bother with Generals and Tiberium Wars until I did this!

      motherboard, or cpu?

    fragile dreams!! such a divisive game. super mario kart too, best of the series by miles. cave story if it's out in aus.

    bit of fable 2, refresh my memory as fable 3 is coming. and i might get the open beta for heroes of newerth.

    pokemon soul silver and just cause 2 and
    fear 2:reborn

    plan to run throught Gow 1-3 and finsih up my C&C 1-4 run and then from what ive heard never ever touch 4 again :P

    second ME2 playthrough, nearly finished.
    bit of wow
    and prolly finally grab the general knoxx DLC for borderlands

    Hmmm...I still have loads of games to play...*sigh*

    Anyway, I might continue playing FFXIII and try to get into Gran Pulse (corssing my fingers)...I'll also be playing a bit of Pokemon Soulsilver and Bioshock (I just had the money to buy it now) in between...

    A highlight, hopefully, is that I'm very interested in buying Blazblue for the PS3...what's in the limited edition though...I seriously want the Blu-Ray disc... :D

    Probably just WoW and L4D2. I still have to beat Heavy Rain and Dragon Age Origins though. I'm about half way through Heavy Rain and I don't know about Dragon Age but I've still got a bunch of side quests to do and the ern of sacred ashes plus the elf and dwarf area. After that of course I'll have to play through awakenng as well. I also have to play through ME2 again and choose all the same options I chose on my first character but this time go straight through the omega 4 relay to make sure my crew doesn't die.

    Also It's my 18th on monday and I've asked for a bunch of games that I will have to beat. FF13, MW2 and God of War 3 to name a few. Looks like I'm going to be busy for ages.

      mw2 6hours top

      FF13 really depends if your willing to soldier through 20 hours of crap

        Saying MW2 six hours tops is pretty wrong, i mean thats like 1 or 2 plays of the campaign and then theres spec-ops and the addictive multiplayer, you can easily put a huge amount of time into MW2

          well it took me less than 6 hours to do the SP on veteran

          and the spec ops the guy i done it with we had it done before the end of day 1

          and IMO the MP in this one sucks went back to 4 long ago

    I've been playing Halo 2, there is now less than one week before the Xbox LIVE Originals support is cut off, and i want to relive the amazing experience as much as i can.

    The Ballad of Gay Tony. I can't believe how much time I've spent in Liberty City, and am still able to get so much enjoyment out of it. I wish there was even more DLC on the way.

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