What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The first quarter of this year has been pretty crazy in terms of the quality and quantity of games. I'm taking advantage of the slight lull to catch up on a few releases I never quite got around to finishing.

I restarted BioShock 2 earlier in the week. I'm thoroughly enjoying it. As a huge admirer of the original, it's been a pleasure to return to Rapture, comfortably one of the most fascinating game worlds I've ever explored.

The narrative hasn't quite engaged me to the same extent as it did in the first game. In theory, the setup has potential - Lamb vs Ryan is a neat ideological dichotomy; playing as a Big Daddy, a creature with no free will, is a neat twist on the meta-themes of the original - but I'm not quite feeling that same pull, that same urgency.

I agree with N'Gai Croal when he argues that the opening setup was rushed. Like Croal, I wanted "the opportunity to form an emotional bond with my Little Sister," an opportunity the hasty introductory sequence fails to deliver. If BioShock has always really been about familial bonds, then 2K Marin missed their chance to allow the player to really connect with their "daughter" and provide us with that pull, that urgency to rescue Eleanor.

But, on the other hand, I am loving the combat. I've focused my tonics on extracting the most out of my Big Daddy-ness: the drill is my friend, basically, and all my tonics go towards empowering it, while my plasmids offer support via Decoy, Cyclone Trap, Hypnotize, etc. I've quite deliberately avoided weapons and plasmids that rely on projectile attacks - except Telekinesis - as I feel the real fun of BioShock 2 is when you don't play it as a shooter.

The triumvirate of defend-the Little-Sister, take-down-the-Big-Daddy and fend-off-the-Big-Sister set-piece battles are brilliant. They invert the usual shooter tropes that see the player constantly on the offensive; here, you have time to plan your attack, setup your defences, and then strike. You're always fighting on your own terms and on your own turf. It's great stuff.

I'll be playing - and hopefully finishing - BioShock 2 this weekend. I'm also hoping to jump back into Call of Pripyat and finally check out Fragile Dreams on the Wii.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Hunting trophies on Pixeljunk Monsters PS3.

      GTR2 and rfactor for me this weekend. Time Trials for the Shanghai with TWIP and V8's at Queensland with the Adrenalin Factor boys.

    Splinter Cell: Conviction, and I might get around to finishing Just Cause 2.

    No gaming for me this weekend - one musical (Cats) and one movie (Kick Ass) instead. The next two releases I'm looking forward to are some time away (Red Dead Redemption and something I obviously can't remember that well).

    I had a few save issues with Bioshock 2 - but still thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I'm going back to play fallout 3 plus the DLC , finish Just Cause 2 And Do some co-op for uncharted 2.

    I'm jumping into Abe's Oddysee and hammering away at the demo of Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse.
    I may try Bioshock 2 & Ratchet and Clank: Future again, even though I kept getting stuck on both of them.

    FF13. Still.

    splinter cell conviction and pokemon heart gold

    God of War 3 and Metro 2033.

    I hope I have the energy to give them a good play, I've been very apathetic towards gaming since I started my new job :/

    Waiting on the project1999 servers to come back up after the DDOS attacks.

    While waiting chipping away at God of War 3.

    I started playing through Splinter Cell Conviction last night. I enjoyed the first couple of missions, but there is a mission that takes you out of the moment (i'm trying not to spoil anything!) it's done on purpose as part of the story, but it's not Splinter Cell at all and I hope there aren't anymore like it.

    I'll also be investing some more hours into Pokemon Soul Silver and then spending some quality time beating up Nintendo characters with Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

    I'm banned from the 360, so I'm stuck with Battlefield Heroes on PC, 1 level away from lvl 30 (which is max level).

    Breath of Fire

    playing gazing wistfully at the letterbox which didn't deliver splinter cell and looking longingly at the dusty space where the ps3 slim was before it got sent in for repairs.

    Just picked up Bad Company 2 and played through about a third of the campaign so far. I just love how that game FEELS.

    Also have a heap of old stuff to get through sometime soon (I'm looking at you Dead Space) and some second playthroughs to start (Bayonetta on Hard, Mass Effect 2 on Insanity.)

    Oh, and hopefully find the time to put an entry together for the Splinter Cell: Conviction comp!

    Just Cause 2 and Pokemon SoulSilver. Most likely some Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer in between.

    RE5. I have yet to finish the game after getting it on Boxing day 09.

    Maybe a little CoH tomorrow night, but I'm kinda busy this weekend.

    If you are looking for something to play though I see EB has quite a few good games on the $25 table this morning: Mass Effect, Fallout 3, Farcry 2, Crysis, Battlefield 2, Left 4 Dead, Supreme Commander, Command & Conquer 3, and probably a few others (they're just the ones that interested me). So go shopping :)

    Im playing Work: The original Chronicles and Fix Andy's PC 2


      lucky you its only "Fix Andy's PC 2"

      I'm pretty sure the "Fix "Insert name"'s PC #" Series is the only movie series never to be cancelled :P

        Haha, so true... It kind of sucks being the geek in the family/group of mates :S

    Pokemon Soul Silver on my shiny new XL. Whitney and her Miltank show the developers have no soul. Managed to beat it second time... just.

      I friggin hate Miltank! Stupid fat cow and its endless drinking of its own milk. Just die already!

    STALKER SoC mainly because of its replayablility, and because of the new Complete 2009 mod I recently downloaded.
    Burnout Paradise because I like to smash things up.
    And finally, Killing Floor, because I've created a fair amount of hype about zombies given the recent Adleaide Earth Tremor.

    I love my weekends.

    I've been in a bit of a funk of late where I can't seem to bring myself to start a solid single-player game. Instead I've spent my time wailing away on Band Hero with my girlfriend, and going back to arcade titles like Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga.

    That being said, I have a copy of Bioshock 2 sitting there that I have been meaning to play for quite some time, so maybe tonight is the night.

      I know how you feel. Probably has something to do with the uninspiring releases around. Maybe I'll begin Muramasa again though. That game was sweet.

        I think it might actually come down to sequel-itis. Looking at my pile of untouched games it includes Bioshock 2, Final Fantasy XIII, Modern Warfare 2, Uncharted 2 and Chronicles of Riddick.

        Bayonetta and BlazBlue, however, cannot be so easily explained away. Maybe that's where I should start (Bioshock 2 didn't happen for me. I instead spent hours chasing a new high score on Galaga. Mission accomplished).

    i got metro 2033 yesterday so i'll be playing that.


      so i started playing, and it's pretty sweet, but it has a bad case of tts (tiny text syndrome).
      my crap tv doesn't like it, and neither do i. but the gameplay makes up for it.

    David, let me fix that for you: this weekend you're playing games you "never quite got around to FISHING"...right? RIGHT? http://twitpic.com/13j92r

    I need a Wii don't I.

    Patchwork Heroes, on the train to bendigo and when I get bored down there, which is most of the time. Such a fun game, the sort of unique and enjoyable puzzle game I've been been waiting for on the PSP since Lumines.

    I finished the new episode of Sam and Max last night - fantastic game. Really looking like the new season is going to be great.

    Other than that, FF 13, maybe finishing off Ace Attorney Investigations too.

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