What Are You Playing This Weekend?

It's a long weekend. For many of you, that means an extra day of gaming. Are you going to put it to good use?

I'll be checking out Monster Hunter Tri, thanks to an early delivery of the full retail game due in stores April 29. I might even finally work out how to get some online gaming happening on my Wii. (Kidding!)

Other than that, I'm thinking maybe some Splinter Cell: Conviction co-op, some Football Manager on my iPod Touch and possibly even this Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands preview code I received on Friday.

What does the long gaming weekend have in store for you?


    This weekend it's all about After Burner Climax!

      I picked this up also. I found it really hard on the default options and could only make it to the 8th or 9th stage.

      Using some of the EX options such as more lives or continues makes it a bit easier.

      Unfortunately the game is quite short, but its a blast to play!

      I'll likely be playing some FIFA 10 and Bad Company 2 this weekend.

        It's old school hard man, that's the way we like it!

        Quarter grabbing goodness!

          Man, i gotta get that game.

          I used to play theh ell out of the original afterburner on my Master System and in arcades...

          Such an awesome series of games..

    I'm going to play this Nier thing, I'm curious how a AAA title can get developed to completion even after their own publisher forgot about marketing it.... at all.

    I don't really have high hopes for it but I'm curious to be sure.

      I dont think its AAA its just a soild b-grade title.

        Heh those letter ratings are more or less meaningless these days anyway, needless to say, anything dev'd for the ps3 and x360 cost a fair chunk.

          Let us know how it is mate!

          I'm really interested to find out more about this title - especially as it's meant to be a little more "Adult Orientated"

      The Eurogamer review was excellent. It gives a great impression of the mediocre, the bad and the good that shines through it all.

    Resident evil 5 and Pokemon gold

    I finally got my hands on a BlazBlue arcade stick bundle, so I'll be playing that, along with Street Fighter IV.

      I grabbed this two weekends ago now but still haven't had a chance to get around to playing it. Would love to hear your impressions of it!

        It's a lot of fun, I must say. I picked it up from JB Hi-Fi for only $100 (Arcade Stick included). :D

          I grabbed my copy on the X360, otherwise I'd hit you up for some games!

          I'm a bit concerned that if I don't get into it this weekend it may end up sitting on the shelf gathering dust seeing as Super Street Fighter 4 drops soon. Alas, the new L4D2 campaign has stolen my attention (it's pretty freakin' good!).

    I'm trying to get through the back catalogue, so I'm going to try playing Bioshock again, if someone is willing to come over and hold my hand while I play.
    Failing that, slogging through FFXIII still.
    Homework would be a distant third...

      I thought i was the only one that hasn't played bioshock. it's sitting there in my cabinet along with gta 4. yes, i haven't finished that either. i only got my ps3 at the beginning of this year! :D

        but you're probably not playing it because you're lazy, where as I'm not playing it because I'm too much of a wuss and it scares me...

          Cool, you should come over and we can both cringe in the corner peering through our hands asking 'has it gone yet?'

        I win - i still haven't even bought it yet!

        I've got so many games to get through on my 360 the thought of buying anything new unless it's really cheap is rather daunting!

      Yeah FFXIII, coming along slowly but surely. Every time I turn on the game I feel that little pang of disappointment, wondering how better it could have been with decent writing. But I keep making myself crawl along, nonetheless...

    Not a long weekend in Tasmania...

      Yeah i know >_< still, i rocked some bad company 2 over weekend and playing a bit of pokemon diamond atm ^_^

    Will prolly hit up some Mount and Blade: Warband...then I'm thinking some Bad Company 2. Love long weekends.

    More Episodes Of Liberty City
    More Battlefield : Bad Company 2
    More Just Cause 2
    More God Of War II

    I'll be on Splinter Cell, Forza 3 and Rugby League 3. I'm surprised on how much this game has me addicted.

    I think I'll be playing some Halo 3 to prep for Reach. Other than that I'll be playing 'Get The Creative Design Juices Flowing After Months Of Stagnation'. It's had some good reviews, thought I'd give it a run before I trade it in for Red Dead Redemption.

    I really have nothing to do this weekend, I'm going to play APB on Monday.

      I was unaware that APB was out. Did you import from the UK? According to the official website it's out in the UK but the date for Australia is still TBC.

      As for myself, I'm still working on my back catalogue. I finished Mirrors Edge during the week so I might go back to that and finish getting all the backpacks (only 8 to go), then orb hunting in Crackdown and if I get time Saints Row 2 or Borderlands and some Forza 2.

    Well, I finally managed to make a start on Bioshock 2 last night. so hopefully that will maintain my interest over the long weekend.

    The buildup of unplayed games shall slowly dwindle!

    Pokemon SoulSilver. I recently stuffed up my knee ligament so I'll be lying around doing nothing but gaming over the long w/e in order for it to recover.

    Football Manager IPhone: Have won the Championship and FA Cup with Newcastle in first season, now lost Community Shield to Man U, lost away at Arsenal, drawn at Bolton and gone thru first round of Euro Cup.

    Where are you at David?

      Relegation favourites Torquay Utd are a respectable 9th in League Two halfway through the first season.


        Very nice... do you anticipate a Wigan Athletic-style rise thru the ranks? Only without the billionaire backer...
        Or more the slow and steady, measured community-based club approach that worked so well for Portsmouth until they thought they could Play Up with the big boys..?

        I wonder if we will get an online iPod/Phone/Pad version for FM2011?

    So much to play, so little time ;_;

    I only just bought Borderlands yesterday... so I'll concentrate on that for a bit. Then I might do some Metro 2033 and GoW3... or maybe Just Cause 2... but Battlefield BC2 hasn't been in my Xbox for weeks, and MW2 I haven't played since before the new map pack.

    That and I'm probably going to end up with Assassin's Creed 2 and Bioshock 2 by the end of the week. There are all these games I missed out on last year... oh, dear. Honestly I think I'm better off when I don't have any money to spend...

    I would have been playing Splinter Cell Conviction and Just Cause 2 if it wasn't for that damn volcano. Hopefully my games will arrive next week.

    Left 4 Dead on PC, PS3 is away getting fixed, hopefully have it back next fortnight.....

    Picked up Orange Box a couple of weeks back, still haven't touched it :( I guess I'll start on that during my free time

      i got that from eb for 25 bucks recently; was sceptical at first, but it looks like it really is 5 games in a box; it's got the whole half life 2 in it, and since i've never played it it was a hell good bargain!

    The World Ends With You! That's if I can get this english essay out of the way. I'd much rather be spending time in Shibuya than in Eliot's Wasteland grr

      *flings English essay out the window for you, hitting some poor passerby on the way out*
      There you go! Whole 3 days for TWEWY!

      Seriously though, what a great game. So great that I ruined a screen protector and a stylus playing it. Totally worth it.

        I agree, it is the greatest JRPG in years on any platform.

    I will actually be playing Fallout 3 GOTY edition... Yes I know I am 2 years late to the party but hey.. At least now I can finally say I have played it..

      Yeah, this.
      I finished normal Fallout 3 a few weeks ago, but someone told me "It doesn't count if you didn't finish the Broken Steel Add-On", so back to it.

      But what's with the narrator in the end giving you crap for [SPOILER]notdyinghorriblyinthepurifier[/SPOILER]? Man, what a jerk.

    I've become obsessed with Last Stand in Dawn of War 2. It's robbing my time.

    I'm going old school this long weekend. I'm gonna revisit some RPG's that I never played when I was younger (back then I just wanted to shoot/kill/beat stuff up - had a much shorter attention span) I picked up a copy of Secret of Mana off eBay, gonna invest a bit of time into that. Otherwise, it will be some more Pokemon SoulSilver and maybe some Bad Company 2.

      Ok two things.
      Holy crap, Secret of Mana!!!!

      Holy crap, how god is that intro music!?

      I think you just took home the first prize pool there with that game my friend :) Had a blast playing that when it first came out.

      Me, I shall be playing League of Legends and Bad Company 2. God I love my sniper rifle.

    hmm either play through the GoW series since i nvr got a Ps2

    play through splinter cell for the memories but then i refuse to buy DRM to the max software

    JC2 or Play through the entire C&C tiberium storyline(already finished the original now for tiberium sun im not sure if thats good or bad)

    I'm finally completely done with FFXIII, did all the side missions, killed the Long Gui,etc.

    So what's next? Finally bought Dragon Age: Origins today. I have no idea what to expect. I hope it's good. Though reading the booklet it seems I can make a duel-wielding dagger rogue bard? This might just be the game of my dreams. :P

      If you put it on easy, setup one of the two mages you can get to be a healer, you can just role though the game without ever needing to pause it, or play it as a tactical game etc.

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