What Do You See In This First Dead Space 2 Trailer?

Our first official peek at Dead Space 2 in motion picture form is here, a spooky teaser that doesn't tell us too much about Visceral Games' sequel, other than that Isaac Clark has a bad-ass new suit.

Sure, we've seen the suit before, as well as some off-screen footage of Dead Space star Isaac in action. But that snazzy new transforming helmet? That's fresh!

Not so fresh are the rotting, gruesome Necromorphs that one can glance among the Rorschach test ink blots. Poor Isaac doesn't seem to be in the best of mental health these days, does he?


    EA are retards.

    heres a link thats currently working.


    damn you copyright claims!!!

    So, I watched it, and there's some unitarian script at the end (characters used in the original as messages scrawled on the walls). It seems to say "Reborn as one 614". Any thoughts?

    @ the helmet/visor near the ending *cough* iron man ripoff *cough*

    damn that looks awesome.

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