What's On Good Game Tonight?

Happen to be near a TV around 8:30pm tonight? Good Game will be happy to keep you occupied with this week’s offering.

* It’s ‘attack of the sport-puns’ with our review of Rugby League 3 – we gave it a TRY and will let you know how it measures up.

* Blazblue: Calamity Trigger – Ragna the Bloodedge is on a mad quest to obliterate the Librarium... and epic vs modes ensue with this critically acclaimed fighter. But what did we think of it?

AJAX brings us a great story on how sleep affects your gaming. Or – wait... how gaming affects your sleep. Pfft, should be the other way around.

We also have a 5-UP on our all-time top five best ever gaming lolz.

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Til next week, Hex


    not till next week, i'll see you on my tv tonight.

      btw, i like the new 5-up section, keep up the good work!!

    So...... where's the review for Yakuza 3? It's been out for how long now, and it's better than a lot of the other gear they've been pitching up of late. In my biased opinion anyway :P

    ... That being said, surprised (in a good way!) that Blazblue's getting some airtime. Fingers crossed they spend enough time appreciating the Japanese aesthetic rather than complaining about the game not appealing enough to Western tastes, there's been a bit of that in some of the last few Japanese games looked at (e.g. Bayonetta or FFXIII).

    Mind, it would be disappointing if Yakuza 3 gets reviewed and the whole time they whinge about it being a Japanese take on the urban open-world sprawl rather than following in the shoes of GTA - i.e. rubbish and without a soul.

    Not that I'm opinionated or anything :P

    Hi Hex,

    You get bonus points for having 'Wonderboy in Monsterland' playing on the GG arcade cab...

    But somebody here failed 'interwebs 101' when they 'browser shrank' your 1063x709px photo down to 264x177px. (If they resized it, the pic would look nicer)


      Actually I like the pic, makes Bajo's typical goofy grin extra wide while Hex is giving you 'the eye' like she just kicked open the saloon doors and challenged you to game of tetris at dawn.

    Next week will you be reviewing Red Dead Redemption or is it going to be the week after? Those two games don't appeal to me much.

    Got it recorded on my IQ. Sounds like a good ep.

    What? They haven't been cancelled yet?

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