What's So Great About This Samus Cosplay?

It lights up, that's what.

Photo taken of the Metroid heroine by photographer Marcelo Colin. Check out more of his work in the Flickr page below.

Marcelo Colin [Flickr via That Girl's Site]


    Good decision to use the Metroid Prime design, the original Super Metroid design looks weird in 3D.

    wow... so realistic... :D but, uh... -the chick

    Awesome!! I like this one: http://yukilefay.deviantart.com/art/Mario-s-voice-actor-and-Samus-161336900

    Why can't this level of cosplay come to Supanova. Well it probably could... with a five minute unbearably unfunny skit.

    Why do I have the strange feeling that YOU'VE POSTED THIS ARTICLE BEFORE?...

    Holy shit. That suit is incredible.

    Do want~

    I love this. And her.

    Very brilliant costume, and great choice of model: not just good looking, but Samus-like as well (a bit).


    Maybe my dreams of dating Samus aren't so impossible..

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