Where Do You Game?

This is my sofa. I do not game here.

See that carpet on the floor? I typically sit there on the nice and comfy rug. Not sure why I prefer the floor to the sofa — perhaps it is because the floor is heated in the winter, and during the summer, I can open the window and enjoy the breeze.

Sitting on the sofa actually makes me sleepy. It's a great sofa for snoozing — not so great for gaming.


    I have the whole Brody thing going on... bed and videogames rule.

    Yeah, I game on my bed (?) Although I play Wii games in the living room.

    My gaming is shared between my recliner for consoles and a super comfy office chair for PC games.

    Anywhere on my couch with feet up on the coffee table for Console, and of course Office chair for PC

    i also game whilst sitting on the floor cos the sofa is too soft and springy. not so comfortable for gaming -_-

    Standing up in front of the Tv or on the lounge

    On a stupidly hard office chair that has a (repaired with duct tape) back rest and gives me a serious case of flat butt if i game for more than an hour.

    Leather lounge with feet up on glass coffee table FTW

    game on bed for ps3/xbox, wii is in the living room, old skool consoles e.g. dreamcast, snes,sms2 etc is on the old crt, and at pc for misc.

    In the living room seated upon my recently acquired (see: stolen) rocking chair that used to be my fathers...

    I usually start off on the couch, then move to the floor, before finally standing in front of the tv when playing stuff on the PS3.

    I just moved and no longer have a computer chair, so I'm going to try out one of those big fitness balls for the PC.

    In my bedroom, I have a cool setup, most of it from Ikea except my PS3, TV and speakers of course.

    Do you all lean back while gaming? Specifically console gaming (x360/PS3 not Wii obviously).
    I find I have to lean forward to get into the games... especially FPS and 3rd person shooters. I can't recline I don't feel like I'm getting into it enough.

    infront of the computer ! quality bar stool .. multiple inputs ... ultimate win

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